Tiny Moment Tuesday.

I hope you weren’t expecting to see a third – successful – attempt to start Soyokaze 🙂 I did wind that mess of yarn into a neat ball, but that’s all that’s happened with that project since yesterday. maybe tomorrow I’ll have a good (un) unraveled story to share!

But for today, I have two tiny moments … that tell a different part of the story I’d like to remember about what’s happening in my life right now.

I joked with Kym last week that this blog seemed to be morphing into mere-et-feets. and I wouldn’t blame y’all for rolling your eyes at one more reminder that I broke a bone in my foot, was in a cast for six weeks, blah blah blah… but I needed every bit of encouragement you poured over me. and I felt it again this morning as I walked with Lauren – on the greenway, a flat level surface 🙂 – and glimpsed a bit of my familiar self.

My second tiny moment happened this afternoon. and it shows part of a new self. a self who – thanks in large part to those six weeks in a cast – has learned to sew again. a self who has learned to ease in sleeves without puckers. That’s my 3rd Esmé with sleeves – and the first one where I was confident enough (and knew enough) to ignore her instructions. yep, the key to the eased sleeves is to run the gathering stitches between the notches, not the dots!

Here’s to Tuesday! and all the tiny moments that tell bigger stories.

12 thoughts on “Tiny Moment Tuesday.

  1. Ah! I applaud you on your steps and the sewing accomplishments! Sometimes six weeks down reveal all sort s of hidden moments of a previous form of enjoyment. Step and Stitch on!

  2. I was concerned that you were running when I saw the first photo, but congratulations on the walking, and that lovely Esme top! No eye-rolling here, just happiness that you’re recovering and sewing so beautifully!

  3. Oh yes! So good to see you can get in a good walk and be more “our Mary”. Following your own intuition when it comes a new hobby/project, is an excellent way to learn. The top looks lovely and I LOVE the fabric.

  4. I’m so glad you were able to get out and walk, I know exercise is a huge part of your identity and it’s great that you are reclaiming it. Love that fabric of your new top!

  5. Glad to see you were out walking! You are doing some beautiful sewing…I love the fabric in your new top!

  6. Very happy to see you resume some of your regular routines! And glad you’ve solved the puckering problem – looks beautiful!

  7. Being able to get back out door and walking is indeed a huge STEP! Can’t wait to see the top-love the fabric.

  8. Just getting caught up. That is a really cool looking top!! You should be very proud of your new found sewing skills!

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