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the planter on our driveway, waterlogued

Wow, I just counted up my time in the boot and this is day 31. I knew it was a lot, but I didn’t think it was a whole month of days. In the big ol’ scheme of my 55+ years, a month is just a drop in the bucket, but it is enough to start a habit. And in the spirit of Three on Thursday, here are three things I’ve said Yes! to in this past month-of-days that I hope to continue:

Cottage Cheese. for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pre-boot, this was a “sometimes” thing for me. I’ve always loved it – with fruit or vegetables or doctored up with herbs and spices as a dip. Now, it’s a daily thing, often eaten all by itself (with a spoon directly from the container – not a thing I need to continue). It’s high in calcium and protein and low in fat … now I’ll be buying the big container weekly!

Making Do. I can’t run to the store for any little thing. and while Marc is willing … we’ve resisted. It feels good to make do. We’re shopping less. and making smarter choices about what we buy/prepare. It also means we’re eating a lot more leftovers, but I’m ok with that, too.

Dresses, mascara and lipgloss. Pre-boot, days I didn’t have to “see” anyone I might hang out in my workout clothes until bedtime. Now, I shower and dress every morning … most often in dresses which are easy to get on (and off) and always with mascara and lipgloss. It’s a tiny effort, but so worth it because it makes me feel better about myself. (and as I type this I’m sure there are a ton of reasons why I shouldn’t care … but I do. and I’m ok with that, too!)

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Happy Thursday!


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  1. Those *are* three great things to say YES to each day. I love cottage cheese and haven’t had any for a while…add to list -check! Right next to “more Talenti caramel chocolate gelato…they are in the same aisles, right!
    Hadn’t realized you have been in “the boot” already for 31 days! Soon it will be just a memory!


  2. You’ve said “Yes” to some very fine things! I just bought a container of cottage cheese for the first time in ages and enjoyed it with some fresh peaches for breakfast today. Hoping that your foot is healing well!

  3. I can’t remember the last time I had cottage cheese and I like it a lot. I’m adding it to next week’s grocery list. Dale and I were just talking about how we should do small shopping trips a couple of times a week instead of the big weekly trip I’ve done for years. I think it makes sense for just the two of us but I hate going to the store frequently. He’s willing to do the fill in trips, though, so we’re going to give it a shot in September when school starts up again. I hope your days with the boot are dwindling!

  4. We have made a real effort this year to do “making do” and after 8-ish months… it is now second nature. It really has reeled in the grocery budget and I have gotten super creative about leftovers.

    And, I am with you on at least mascara even if I am just at home. It does make me feel better about myself – and there is nothing wrong with that!

    (And, yes… more calcium is absolutely a good thing! I have been eating cottage cheese and yogurt for years and it absolutely makes a difference!!)

  5. Good for you Mary!! I’ve been attempting to reel in our grocery shopping, but I definitely need to focus on that more. Fletch has been having cottage cheese for a few months now and loves it…I’ve never liked the taste and the texture thing gets me every time! But, I haven’t tried it for years, so maybe I’ll attempt it again. I do have yogurt a lot. I’ve been going the opposite way with make-up – primarily because I’ve recently been bothered by a contact dermatitis on my eyelids, so I try to limit what I put on my face.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I’m an ewwwww-to-cottage-cheese person. . . . I don’t mind it IN things, but I can’t eat it just to eat it. It’s a texture thing for me. (I don’t like lumps.) But I’m really glad you’ve said YES to it! 🙂 It took me awhile after Brian left home . . . to realize that I just don’t need that much food in the house anymore. (I used to weekly grocery “shops” back in the day.) Now, we just go when we need — and we find we don’t need all that much! Luckily, we have a very convenient grocery store nearby — and, most importantly, we pass by it almost every time we’re out and about, so it’s easy for either of us to pick up what we need. Such a minor change in my shopping habit has brought MAJOR happiness to my life. Have a great weekend, Mary! XO

  7. Mmmm, cottage cheese right out of the container is one of my guilty pleasures… though I don’t do it very often. I, too, love it with fruit, but I think my favorite is with a little salt and a good dose of pepper! Yum. (I will likely be picking up some cottage cheese today…)

    Thirty-one days!! Wow. I hope you can lose the boot soon, Mary!

  8. I should do with less for our meals. I try not to impulse buy but it happens anyways. dresses and lipgloss are a must when sporting a boot 🙂

  9. I love cottage cheese, but I’m picky about which brands. I love my naked face days though.

  10. Cottage cheese is a perfect food and I miss it so much! It’s the perfect choice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I am with you on dressing every day. I did that after my surgery and always looked as good as I could because it felt “right” and I felt strong and beautiful. is a smart thing to do and it helps us realize how little we really need if we put our minds to it. Love your Waterlogue photo today!

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