(un) Unraveled Wednesday.

Whew! The third time was a charm for Soyokaze … and I am now well into the second half of the collar. I had hoped to show you a little more progress (the next step is really cool – you pickup stitches along one of the long edges and re-join the first half of the collar to start the yoke #knittinggeek), but I’ve spent most of the morning in the kitchen. Holly and I are joining up with our annual family reunion at the lake later today and my biggest assignment is to bake a cake. The recipe is Aunt … Continue reading (un) Unraveled Wednesday.

Tiny Moment Tuesday.

I hope you weren’t expecting to see a third – successful – attempt to start Soyokaze 🙂 I did wind that mess of yarn into a neat ball, but that’s all that’s happened with that project since yesterday. maybe tomorrow I’ll have a good (un) unraveled story to share! But for today, I have two tiny moments … that tell a different part of the story I’d like to remember about what’s happening in my life right now. I joked with Kym last week that this blog seemed to be morphing into mere-et-feets. and I wouldn’t blame y’all for rolling … Continue reading Tiny Moment Tuesday.

Sometimes Mondays.

…look a little messy. Thankfully, many things today have gone quite well (I finished the test knit for Lori and it looks great. I had my first PT appointment and got cleared for yoga. Kirsten reposted our Monday knitting group photo of the finished mystery shawls). But the beginning of Soyokaze was not one of them. That mess of yarn means I mis-read the instructions – not once, but twice. Instead of working ribbing on the right side and purling the wrong side, I worked ribbing on both sides. yep. oops! I guess I should be glad I realized my … Continue reading Sometimes Mondays.

Happy 80th!

My mom celebrated her 80th birthday yesterday. …with us! We enjoyed a lovely lunch out and then gathered again in the evening for a party, with cards and gifts. My sister gave her a fun little book that included this quotation. I can’t think of a better way to sum up 80 years! Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt Wishing y’all a wonderful weekend!! Continue reading Happy 80th!

Unraveled Wednesday.

I finished the last book to cover my Summer Bingo* card just after 6 am this morning. Moments of Seeing is a wonderful collection of essays to savor. I highly recommend Katrina Kennison’s blog … and her granola! Hands down this was my best summer of reading in quite a few years. I still need to collect my thoughts – and maybe a few statistics 😉 about the whole thing, but that’s going to wait for another day. Because I spent the rest of the day visiting my aesthetician and my nail tech (yay! my ten toes now all sport the … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday.

Tiny Moment Tuesday.

This was my view for much of the afternoon (it’s my view many afternoons, and also a few mornings and evenings – just without all that lovely natural light). Today I was struck by the difference with last Wednesday’s view. The shawl I was knitting then is done (post on that coming soon) and now I’m close to finishing the sweater for Lori Versaci’s upcoming pattern. …and of course, two shoes 🙂 Happy Tuesday! p.s. It’s been two months since I moved to WordPress and I hope y’all are enjoying the new platform as much as I am. One of … Continue reading Tiny Moment Tuesday.

Sometimes Mondays.

…need no more explanation. I do need physical therapy to strengthen my ankle and until then walking only on flat, even surfaces (thank goodness we have a treadmill), no yoga, no pilates, no running 🙂 (I told the doctor I’m not sure that’s even part of my plan right now). But still, two shoes, white jeans (yep, they still fit) and I drove myself to knitting this afternoon.Even the late afternoon traffic couldn’t dim my smile! Thank y’all for your support and encouragement these past six weeks – you made a difference and I’m so grateful. Here’s to a great week!! Continue reading Sometimes Mondays.


Just three more sleeps … not that anyone’s counting 😉 or really needs another reason to celebrate Friday! Thinking about fall making. I’m usually still full-on into summer knits well into September, but this year, I’m already thinking about wool. and the sewing has added a whole new level … no, I’m not thinking about flannel, but I am thinking about long sleeves. and pants (yep, still … stay tuned). Grateful for all the rides (and offers of rides). friends who have dropped by to visit. my mom who has faithfully fed me lunch at least once a week. and … Continue reading TGIF.

Three on Thursday | Counting Down.

Happy Thursday, y’all!  Hopefully by this point, you’ve found something to be happy about – me, I’m happy to mark another week in the boot … and just four more sleeps until Monday’s doctor visit. Three weeks back, I was mentally preparing for another three weeks, but this time, I’m anticipating liberation! I guess it goes without saying that if I leave Monday’s appointment in the boot, I’m going to be … disappointed … because I have plans. This is a list I couldn’t possibly keep to just three. But I did manage three three’s: Going out by myself. even … Continue reading Three on Thursday | Counting Down.