Practicing Gentle.

This week I’m participating in Michelle GD’s Intention for 7 offering. Yesterday morning, I said Yes! to “gentle” with the intention of being kinder, softer, gentler with myself, and with Marc, during this period of healing.

I traded emails with a few of y’all early last week about my “boot break” (aka “boot camp”) plans – sewing, knitting, reading, cooking, modified mat routines, daily blogging, …. It started out great – I sewed an outfit, finished a great linen accessory and two amazing books, started a test knit for one of my favorite designers, enjoyed delicious lunches (thanks to Lauren and my mom), made calcium rich smoothies … but on Sunday, something shifted. I still had the enthusiasm and inspiration, but the energy and desire to accomplish wasn’t there.

Monday morning, I looked up the definition of gentle: mild in temperament, kind, tender, sympathetic, moderate in action, light, soft, calm, quiet nature.

Yes! this is exactly what I need to embrace right now.

I was glad to see that Michelle’s email today talked about “practice”. I needed the encouragement. and the reminder.

I spent most of today reading and knitting (which is usually what I want to blog about on Wednesdays!), but the crepe myrtles at the end of my driveway were showing off their #blueskyblooms when I took Holly out this morning.

I felt sure I could compose a bit of haiku to accompany the waterlogue … but no. and then in the spirit of gentle I was just going to skip a blog post … but sitting here, waiting for the pizza (we’ve since eaten it and cleaned up!), I started to type…

12 thoughts on “Practicing Gentle.

  1. I’ve been crazy busy with house crap, and while I haven’t yet practiced any of Michelle’s intentions, I’m saving them for a bit later when I have things a bit more under control. Thank you for the gentle reminder; I so need some gentleness, and so do you. Sending you lots of gentle, healing, healthy thoughts!

  2. I think . . . being gentle with yourself . . . is a perfect intention! Giving yourself time and space (physically, mentally, emotionally) is really important — and especially when your body is working hard to heal itself. Here’s to a restorative, gentle day. XOXO

  3. I am truly enjoying Intention for 7, especially the workbook pages. Here is to a week of gentle! XO

  4. Smart move to be gentle on yourself (and others). Sending all good vibes for a gentle remainder of July for you (and speedy healing as well).

  5. being gentle is hard for me. I get so impatient when I do not feel well (right now it’s back issues). I have to keep repeating that this is not my default setting, this is not forever, take advantage of what I can do. Power through! Oh the cheerleading that goes on in my head 🙂

  6. I haven’t found a word for my intention until I read your post this morning. I decided to work on not being so hard on myself and letting go of the need to feel responsible for the burdens of other people, to the point of not meeting my own needs. I need to ease up on my self. Maybe what I’m practicing this week is being gentle with myself. Wishing you the best!

  7. Gentle is a great word for you right now. Sometimes you just need to take a step back from all of the busy and relax and right now you have a great opportunity to do that.

  8. Gentleness could save the world, and each on of us could start by being gentle with ourselves. We push, push, push and being kinder, softer, and moderate in action is a fantastic start. Take care of you, Mary! Sending gentle thoughts your way! xo

  9. Ahhh! Such a gentle reminder and read! I’m so glad you are being* and sharing your gentleness with us.
    *Tho’ I can’t imagine your being any other way!

  10. Oopsie! I completely forgot about Intentions! I’ve been pretty aware of my needs, though, and making/taking time for myself especially over the busy weekend and I think that’s helped everything & everyone on all fronts!

    I think that you need to be ESPECIALLY gentle with yourself as you were sort of knocked off your game with that injury! And, because I’m a bit tardy here, perhaps by now you’re feeling a bit more energized!

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