Our Landscape Reveal.

The guys were back on Friday and they finished (on-time and a bit under budget)! I had hoped to get outside yesterday – you know, without a boot – to take photos; but instead, I’m sharing ones that Marc took on Saturday. Here’s the front. This is looking down the hill to the left of the house – new sod (zoysia, since this side gets very little sun), new plants (including a few roses) and lots of pinestraw. Now we’re looking at the backyard, from just inside the gate at the bottom of the hill. It’s hard to believe this … Continue reading Our Landscape Reveal.

FO Friday | Willow Tank & Another Kiomi Top.

I shared this selfie on Instagram Tuesday afternoon. My first Willow Tank turned out really well! I was definitely intimidated by the bias bindings and those 1/4″ seams. Turns out, I have a 1/4″ presser foot from my quilter-wanna-be days! Worked like a charm. I was a little unsure about the fit at first – maybe it was big?. All the lovely sewists who share their projects on Instagram don’t really show much at all about fit (and let’s not even talk about how unhelpful the “garment on a hanger” or “garment on the floor with a pretty flower” photos … Continue reading FO Friday | Willow Tank & Another Kiomi Top.

Three on Thursday | Close to a Cover-all.

I finished listening to The Mirror Crack’d From Side to Side (lower right) this afternoon. Pretty much the perfect accompaniment to fixing the mistake I found yesterday and finishing Clue 5. (I was listening to The Woman in the Window last week when I made that mistake and let me say, Jane Marple is a much better companion for knitting lace … maybe because she’s a knitter?!) I’m a life-long Agatha Christie fan, but I was a Hercule Poirot snob. I think this is the first time I’ve actually read a Miss Marple! My library doesn’t have many Miss Marple … Continue reading Three on Thursday | Close to a Cover-all.

Unraveled Wednesday | For Real.

Ha! I almost made it a whole month without sharing a tale of real unraveling. almost… I was happily knitting Clue 5 of the MKAL with Deena this afternoon when I stopped (after row 11) to admire the beautiful pattern that was emerging on this second border. Seriously, y’all – the first half of this clue is probably my favorite lace motif of the entire piece. and yep, I’m going to get to knit it twice! along with the last bit of Clue 4. When I shared my not-spoiler with y’all last week, the boo-boo was there … but it … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday | For Real.

Looking Good.

The front yard is pretty much done! This morning, they tweaked that rock-lined swale  by adding a pipe to direct the flow from the downspout underground (it empties into the swale where that little pile of rocks is on the left side of the photo above). They’ve also finished the swale on the other side. It’s a lot longer and will empty into grass (to be planted at the bottom of the hill) and ultimately drain down the big hill (off camera to the right). So now work has begun in earnest on the back.  They’ve roughed in the stone … Continue reading Looking Good.

Sometimes Mondays.

…take a while to come together. I really thought I’d be sharing this post a few hours ago because when I went to bed last night (after finishing Our Souls at Night. sigh. so good!) I had just three hours to finish Telling Tales (Vera Stanhope #2). In other words I was to the point where it seems like the loose ends can’t possibly take another three hours to resolve, and you can’t think about doing much else until you get to the end. But I spent the morning and early afternoon with my mom and (when she reads this … Continue reading Sometimes Mondays.


It was too dark to see much when the landscape crew finally left last night; Marc and I were delighted with what we saw in the yard this morning! Except for that little bit of “seasonal color” (bright pink vinca) right by the steps and transplanted daylilies on the far left edge, everything else is shrubs: lorapetalum, nandina (gah, I hope we have the sterile variety!) and liriope. They’re back today with more plants and a first load of stones. Our house is perched on top of a hill and we have serious drainage issues along the sides and in … Continue reading TGIF.

Three on Thursday | Making Me Smile.

Joining in with Carole and friends today to share three things … making me smile. First up, a card from one of my Friday morning small group friends. I am wearing a bandaid on my toe (ugh, the boot hits it in an uncomfortable place), but my bandaids have anchors and trucks on them (of course). And those do make me smile, but I think the package should include ones with a simple heart, too.   Second, my watch’s never-failing-optimism. (that’s me this morning, waiting for that first cup of coffee …) I’m glad my watch remembers the Me I … Continue reading Three on Thursday | Making Me Smile.

Unraveled Wednesday | Bingo!

Yes indeed! I finished three more books this week and finally made not one, but two Bingos! As much fun as it is to check off those boxes, it’s even better when the books are really good: Homegoing (upper left corner). I finished this dark-early yesterday morning and I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything I want to say about it. But I’ve already told three people since then that they must read it (and I do think this is a “read with your eyes” book; I don’t say that very often, but there are a lot of characters … Continue reading Unraveled Wednesday | Bingo!