Brooklyn Field Trip.

In all my visits to New York, I rarely leave Manhattan (at least not on purpose … there was a quick little trip to Queens last Thursday, but that was only because I got on the wrong train – oops!). But yesterday, I took the F train to Brooklyn … to visit Brooklyn General. I’ve been to Brooklyn before (walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and visited the Botanic Garden on my earliest visits to the city – two highly recommended field trips … except when it’s hot and humid like it’s been this week) but this was my fabric shopping trip.

I enjoyed a pleasant walk through the Carroll Gardens neighborhood (Brooklyn didn’t seem quite as hot as Manhattan? or maybe it’s just that there were lots fewer people on the sidewalks?) and found the shop without any trouble.

It was a little smaller on the outside than I expected. But once I was inside, it seemed big enough!

The wall to my right had yarn (lots and lots of yarn) and to my left were notions. I spent my time with the patterns and the fabric. I ultimately chose a bright floral cotton and my first 100 Acts of Sewing pattern.

and a pink enameled pin – “Love Is in the Making” ♥

The salesperson was really helpful and nice. I had a great time!

It seemed most appropriate that the train ride back to Manhattan was fun, too. Sara says I get too much enjoyment out of people watching. I don’t think so.

I fly home later this morning. Hopefully I won’t have any adventures to report from that!

7 thoughts on “Brooklyn Field Trip.

  1. What fun fabric!! I would love to get to Brooklyn General some day, and I’ve been thinking of trying one of the 100 Acts of Sewing patterns – so, I’ll be looking to hear how you think the pattern is, etc. Safe travels back to ATL. Thanks for sharing your NYC adventures with us, it’s been fun to ride along.

  2. looks like you bought some fabric 🙂 I try not to gawk on the subway but I do enjoy people watching under veiled eyelids and wondering if people are happy, loving NYC, where they live, what they do, where their going…

  3. Ooh, that pattern is just the type of summer dress I’ve been looking for, and that is terrific fabric. I’ll be anxiously waiting to see your finished dress, and may even have to sew one myself. Safe travels; the airport is another great place to enjoy people watching!

  4. Carroll Gardens is where I stayed on my last trip to NYC-I really enjoyed it and so close to Prospect Park. NYC is a great place to people watch. Too bad you didn’t see the subway knitter.

  5. We stayed in Brooklyn when we were apartment hunting for my sister and I love Brooklyn General. And that sewing pattern is a winner! I have made four using the other dress pattern – with sleeves. Thanks for taking us along on your adventure

  6. I would love to return to Brooklyn General Store someday — when I am able to relax & browse a bit more. I really liked that shop! People watching is THE BEST!!

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