A Walk in the Park.

My long-time favorite morning walk in New York City is the path around the reservoir in Central Park. The city views are just amazing and from the Upper East Side park entrances, it’s easy to get there (in other words, I can wander without getting too lost). But when I snagged the screenshot of yesterday’s walk to share on Instagram, I noticed a new-to-me Conservatory Garden way off in the upper right. This morning I walked right past the reservoir and headed north for another 20 blocks. It was completely worth it!

the Vanderbilt Gate marks the main entrance
a view of the center garden fountain through the gate

The southern garden features a memorial to Frances Hodgson Burnett (author of The Secret Garden)

and a beautiful fountain depicting Mary and Dickon.

The allées flanking the center garden reminded me of Paris.

The northern garden is in the French style with the Three Dancing Maidens fountain by German sculptor, Walter Schott at the center.

I was completely charmed. and delighted to finally find #blueskyblooms!

I left the Garden and wandered along the northern edge of the Park. I climbed a few flights of stairs at Fort Clinton and was treated to this fabulous view.

From there, I made my way into the North Woods … cool and quiet (except for the birds and the water) and completely unlike anything I’d ever expect to find in the heart of New York City!

I have plans for more exploring this afternoon – stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “A Walk in the Park.

  1. Beautiful! It always amazes me the places you can find in NYC. Such a refreshing view after the hustle & bustle of the city!

  2. This does not look at all like the hot, humid, concrete jungle that I picture when thinking about NYC! Lovely, green, and uncrowded, I’m looking forward to your afternoon explorations!

  3. I think Central Park is deserving of an exploratory trip all its own! It was so hot & humid when I was there that it wasn’t quite as enjoyable for me!

  4. I’m thinking I came across this on one of my trips, but am not totally sure. So glad you had wonderful weather.

  5. Suddenly I want to go for a walk in Central Park – what a lovely oasis in the middle of a bustling city! You captured some beautiful scenery, Mary!

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