A Quick Hello.

Hello from New York!

I’m writing this from Sara’s living room, looking out on another beautiful blue-sky day in New York City. Truly, the weather has cooperated nicely for being out and about. Yesterday, Diane came up for the day. We met at Penn Station, walked to Greenwich Village for lunch (at Cafe Clover – highly recommend!)

Washington Square

and then to Purl Soho.

We both found what we wanted. Diane stuck to her plan (she bought yarn for Terrace Wrap, Sayer and those adorable pom-pom socks). I bought a little bit more than I’d planned.

Yes, there is going to be more sewing in my future! I never thought I’d visit Purl Soho and buy more fabric than yarn, but … never say never.

I’m not sure what adventures today will hold. I do have an errand to run for Sara and I promised I’d get something for dinner. That leaves a lot of time for wandering in the park with my knitting and a delightful audiobook.

Happy Friday!

12 thoughts on “A Quick Hello.

  1. you look fabulous and happy!! love your fabric purchases and cannot wait to see what you whip up with them.

  2. I hope you report that you love that book! (I really want to listen to it as well!) Your selections from Purl Soho are gorgeous, it’s such nice store. Have a wonderful time this weekend!

  3. You got some lovely goodies from Purl, I can’t wait to see what you will make. You have the perfect book for your time in New York…enjoy!

  4. What a cute photo of you two. 😉
    I think that’s the exact Liberty floral that I bought for Ali when I was at Purl!!

  5. That is a great picture of you and Sara!! And LOVE your choices from Purl. I enjoyed that book (though will admit to liking A Gentleman in Moscow better). What a perfect weekend weather-wise to be in NYC – enjoy!!!

  6. I love your new digs, and now that you’ve moved maybe I can ask for your advice when I attempt it! Your Purl purchases are really beautiful and I look forward to seeing them become FO!

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