Looking Back | May.

Today I’m looking back at May … one last time … through the lens of my daily photos.

I expected the blanket to dominate, so I was surprised to see a lot more than knitting! …and a lot more blues skies than I remember (but surely my photos don’t lie). I also realize I completely forgot to share an FO with y’all – Sunday the 6th, I debuted Bateaux Mouches.

The finished piece is just what I hoped it would be – a light, airy cloud. The girls in my knitting group are divided about what a great knit this is … I love the endless rows of garter stitch and that it’s one ball of yarn. It’s perfect for traveling and for all those times your brain needs to work on something besides knitting, but your hands need something to do, too. I know I’ll be knitting another one!
Happy Tuesday!

12 thoughts on “Looking Back | May.

  1. Oh my! Your Bateau Mouches is lovely! Well done! And, I laughed to see Ready Player One… I am on a VERY long wait list for that one (I am #90 on the waitlist)! Good thing I have plenty to distract me right now! XO

  2. Beautiful Mary and I'm sure it will see a lot of wear! I am also on a long wait list for Ready Player One…and like Kat I've got plenty else to read ahead of time. (Lonesome Dove 4,000 pages! :-))

  3. I read Ready Player One LONG AGO . . . when it first came out (2011). Trust me, no one was waiting for it back then! 😉 I love your shawl/scarf, Mary. It looks perfect and lovely and, well . . . I might need one. XO

  4. Love the collage of your days of May. You fit a little of this and a lot of that into your month! The wrap is so pretty! I love the softness (seemingly) and the color. It's a classic look that will go with anything.

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