seen in our front yard on Tuesday morning

I’ve been a long-time fan of #blueskyblooms … I think I’m going to start #rainwashedblooms (which apparently is not a thing already … how can that be given the “spring” we’ve had?!)

But this post is really about Friday – which came super fast this week!

Thinking about … June, and what I’d like to say “yes!” to this month.

Grateful for … generous friends who have offered me help, support and suggestions about so many different things this past week – working around Blogger’s comment notification fail, thinking bigger about my blog, balancing our women’s ministry financial reports, making copies, punching holes, and simply listening.

Inspired by … this crazy stormy wet weather to re-think my workout routine. I love getting outside for a walk/run, followed by a little Pilates or yoga, pretty much seven days a week (I tend to skip the extra stuff on Sundays). But maybe a little time on the treadmill mixed in with some other stuff (weights, Pilates, yoga) would be good. (and weatherproof). Oh my – I might even end up with completely different workouts on different days of the week. That was certainly my routine when I worked, mostly because I couldn’t work out every day. but non-working me has gradually evolved to more or less the same thing seven days a week. Curious – do you mix up your workouts?

Fun … Katie and I have made plans to meet back at the Beltline tomorrow morning with the boys. playground. picnic. coffee. ice cream. I can’t imagine we won’t have a blast!

Here’s to a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I'm tired of rain here and I imagine you are, too. Our squirrels are loving all the mushrooms that have sprung up; they eat them and then stagger around the yard! Amusing, but rainwashed blooms are much prettier. I hope you're having a great Beltline day!

  2. Opposite ends of the country and we're in a wet (not much wet) chilly vein, too. I am ready for some warmer weather. I heard the pool is closing in October for three months! I am trying to decide who best to change/keep a workout routine. I've got to mix it up come fall. I think I'll add some cycling. Happy weekend!

  3. Lovely post, Mary. 🙂 I think mixing up your workout is a great idea. It's good for your body (which doesn't work as hard when it's the same-old-same-old every day, y'know?), your mind, and it keeps you engaged in a more mindful way, too! It's also really important for us to add strength training as we age, so I highly recommend adding some weights to your routine. (I'm sure you wish you hadn't gotten me started on this topic . . . I can really go on.) I hope you had a great time with Katie and the boys! XO

  4. My only outdoor activity besides walking Sophie is bike riding and only on the weekends, so I use my bike that is on my trainer indoors when the conditions aren't "jjust" right. Elliptical MWF, and T TH, I do yoga, strength training, maybe the treadmill and I have a HIIT/pilate ish set of exercises. The Tuesday Thursday routine is where I'm not sure what's the most effective as my goal is muscle tone. I think it's always good to switch things up a bit.

  5. I agree that switching it up is a good thing – for body and soul. I've gotten back into working out at home (arm exercises with weights and crunches) and I'm getting back to yoga on Monday (after a 2 month absence). I like to get in long walks, too, but the weather just has no been cooperative (another wet weekend here).Hope your Beltline trip yesterday was easy and fun!

  6. I love how you said " how to say yes". Gave me a thought or two of tweaking my attitude. I joined a gym and have a personal trainer who is worth every single penny. I love that he tells me what to do and I just do it. I don't have to plan out my workouts 🙂

  7. I've got a regular exercise class three days a week and she's good about mixing it up but…I know I need some yoga and stretching for sure! I hope you had fun this weekend!

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