Cheers | Elderflower Mint Gin & Tonic.

My friend Lauren has a prolific herb garden this summer. When we walked on Monday she offered me cuttings and I started thinking about herbal summer cocktails. I have a bunch of limes (yay Costco!) and thought they might mix well with  mint. This mule variation looks really tasty (I’d probably omit the simple syrup). But the recipe I decided to try was this one. Y’all know I have a thing for St. Germain and I picked up elderflower tonic the last time I was at Total Wine. Lauren provided the mint and I was ready to go! Elderflower Mint … Continue reading Cheers | Elderflower Mint Gin & Tonic.

Sewing Shorts!

That’s right, y’all – I finished the shorts! and I’m officially launching the Sewing category on mere-et-filles! I’m going to wait until the top is finished to model them for you. But they fit – elastic is good that way 😉 – and I’m proud of how nice they look on the outside and the inside. I was also surprised how quickly the “actual sewing” was. I spent a few hours cutting the pieces, a few more hours researching seam finishing techniques*, half an hour practicing seams and the overlock stitch, and just a couple of hours sewing (even with … Continue reading Sewing Shorts!

Loving Lace and Linen.

Joining in with Kat and friends today to share about what I’m making … a real celebration of lace and linen! First up, my Monday afternoon knitting group is again participating in Kirsten Kapur’s Mystery KAL. We had a lot of fun knitting along together last year and I’m delighted that two more of us are joining in this time (one of the girls missed Monday … expect to see seven WIPs next week!) My do-over of Lilli Pilli is coming along nicely; I started the second garter stripe section last night. The piece is about 13″ wide and I … Continue reading Loving Lace and Linen.

Just Life.

One of the most time-consuming things about making the transition from Blogger to WordPress was categorizing my posts (Blogger allows for tags, but not – at least as far as I know – categories). First there was getting my head around the whole category concept. Sara’s “think bigger, Mom” was a huge help (i.e., fewer is better); as was the blog layout I chose which features the categories on the sidebar (and in pink – thank you me! – above each post’s title). Knitting, Food & Drink, Books and Travel were obvious choices. I toyed with Family & Friends, but … Continue reading Just Life.

FO Friday | The Blanket’s Tale (the end).

As I mentioned early last week, the blanket was finished, washed and packed in plenty of time to travel to New York in my suitcase. It looks perfectly at home on Sara’s sofa. She prefers the backside; I’ll admit it definitely shows the gradient to full advantage, but the knitter in me thinks the right side is pretty cool. I’m glad I’ll get to picture her, sitting right (t)here, snuggled, warm and wrapped in love. The project is on Ravelry, here. I don’t often think this about a project this big, but I’m hoping to knit another one (maybe with … Continue reading FO Friday | The Blanket’s Tale (the end).

Ending on a High Note.

I had an easy trip home yesterday. Marc and Holly were glad to see me and it felt good to walk in “my park” with Lauren this morning. Today I have errands to run and laundry to do, but first, I wanted to share one last New York post with y’all.  The timing of my trip was centered around one event, that took place Tuesday evening. The Fab Five were wonderful – smart, funny, thoughtful and entertaining (honestly, all the things I’d expect from watching them in two seasons of Queer Eye). It was a great way to end a … Continue reading Ending on a High Note.

Brooklyn Field Trip.

In all my visits to New York, I rarely leave Manhattan (at least not on purpose … there was a quick little trip to Queens last Thursday, but that was only because I got on the wrong train – oops!). But yesterday, I took the F train to Brooklyn … to visit Brooklyn General. I’ve been to Brooklyn before (walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and visited the Botanic Garden on my earliest visits to the city – two highly recommended field trips … except when it’s hot and humid like it’s been this week) but this was my fabric shopping … Continue reading Brooklyn Field Trip.

A Walk in the Park.

My long-time favorite morning walk in New York City is the path around the reservoir in Central Park. The city views are just amazing and from the Upper East Side park entrances, it’s easy to get there (in other words, I can wander without getting too lost). But when I snagged the screenshot of yesterday’s walk to share on Instagram, I noticed a new-to-me Conservatory Garden way off in the upper right. This morning I walked right past the reservoir and headed north for another 20 blocks. It was completely worth it! The southern garden features a memorial to Frances … Continue reading A Walk in the Park.

New York City Weekending.

All weekends are good, but one spent in New York, with Sara, three days of beautiful blue skies, long walks in Central Park, a Broadway show, great meals, a few cocktails and a couple bottles of wine … well, see what you think!                     In between all that, Sara and I spent a good bit of time making the new mere-et-filles feel more like home. I love the images she created and the new theme, layout and colors are making me smile … especially now that it’s done! I hope you … Continue reading New York City Weekending.