Three on Thursday | Atlanta Botanical Garden.

My mom and I spent the day at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and I had planned to make that today’s Three on Thursday post. You know, along the lines of three things I loved, or three new-to-me plants, or three favorite photos … but the reality of the Garden. in May. on a day when it’s warm but not hot, with a cloudy morning that gives way to beautiful white clouds against a bright blue sky. after days of rain. and an incredible special exhibit called (most appropriately) Imaginary Worlds. well…. here’s what my photos looked after I went through them

It’s a good problem to have, for sure! so here are three of the my favorite parts of today’s visit:

First, the Garden … the hydrangeas are in full bloom (which my mom tells me is because they’ve loved all our recent rain. I’m glad to know something is thriving) and my mom spied a bright orange daylily that she’d left behind in Florida (a souvenir planting from one of our many visits to Callaway Gardens).

Last year’s White Garden planted around that blue and white Chihuly (middle right) has been replaced with zinnias and poppies. The white was beautiful, but the color this year is more my style. I was also surprised at all the varieties and shades of hydrangeas. Beautiful.

Second, Imaginary Worlds. We’ve both seen a lot of ads for it, but in real life it’s even better. There are twelve parts to the exhibit and we saw ten of them. Every single one of them was delightful, but these are my favorites.

This is the first one … a most fitting beginning! and there’s a glimpse of another topiary book resting on its side in the lower left.

The Mammoth.

The Phoenix.

I was surprised he had a really sweet face. the eyes ….

The Shaggy Dog,

with another very sweet face!

The Dragon.

here’s a detail shot of his “scales”.


and the Camels.

and third, the chance to experience all of this with my mom, who is now most complimentary of my selfie skills 😀

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11 thoughts on “Three on Thursday | Atlanta Botanical Garden.

  1. Chihuly glass, hydrangeas, and that dragon – oh my! Everything you saw is incredible. My time and budget are pinched by looking for this stupid house in DE, but I am seriously wondering if I could make a weekend trip to ABG to see the Imaginary Worlds exhibit in person. That would really be a long shot, so I'm quite glad you shared so many photos. Thanks!

  2. All I can say is wow, wow, wow! That is completely incredible! So glad you and your mom are having fun together!

  3. Oh my, those are spectacular exhibits. Just reading about gardens is not the same as seeing them. (Your photos really make me wonder . . . surely I could make time to see these, just a hop-skip-and-jump from where I live.)Thank you.

  4. Wow! Wowowowowow! Imaginary Worlds is INCREDIBLE!! I think I'm going to visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden next week and this post has made me even more excited about that (even though there's nothing to match that special exhibit).

  5. What a perfect day and thanks for sharing it and your mom with us…the plant topiary animal sculptures are incredible!I'm having a hard time picking a "fave!" Your mother looks like she's quite at home. Enjoy the weekend!Cheers~

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