Three on Thursday | Haiku.

Joining in with Carole and friends today to share a three-line poem.

creamy blooms spread wide
atop glossy green, spreading
the scent of summer

Thanks to our 90+ degree stretch last weekend, the magnolias are starting to open. This tree is in the common area where Holly takes her evening walks. It smells wonderful!

Hope your week is going well … here’s to almost-Friday!

10 thoughts on “Three on Thursday | Haiku.

  1. We don't have magnolias here but we do have lilacs and when I stepped out of Town Hall today the smell was so heady I nearly fell over – in a glorious way!

  2. We also don't have many (maybe not any?) magnolias around here, and I never realized how beautifully creamy the petals are and the complexity of the carpels and stamens. Just lovely!

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