Looking Back | April.

Today, I have one last look at April … through the lens of my daily photos.

That bright green knitting really dominates the show, doesn’t it?! I’m very happy to have it finished and realize I never showed y’all how it turned out.

Marc definitely brings out the goofy in me!

But for me, the star was the family and friend time (including my best furry friend – who got groomed on the 10th), along with plenty of good food and some gorgeous spring blooms. April certainly lived up to my high expectations.  Now May has a hard act to follow; I hope it’s up to the challenge!

11 thoughts on “Looking Back | April.

  1. That great green was the first thing I noticed, along with pink blossoms, and at least one photo of Charlie and Sam. Here's hoping we see more of them in May!

  2. Well, I have to agree, that green is just gorgeous! April was indeed full of so many wonderful things and judging from your previous post May is certainly off to a great start!

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