Sometimes Mondays.

… begin unexpectedly damp, gray and chilly. But this afternoon I spent two lovely hours knitting with friends, and made a quick stop at Trader Joe’s for a $4 bouquet and a $5 bottle of wine (with a beautiful spring label). There is nothing like time with friends and a little TJ’s to brighten things up 😀.

Hope your week is off to a bright start, too!

14 thoughts on “Sometimes Mondays.

  1. they don't sell wine at the trader joe's stores in nyc and i just learned that this weekend and it made me very sad

  2. I had too many time-wasting phone calls today, in addition to scrubbing the kitchen floor and a broken sewing machine, so I'm going to give your wine and flowers idea a try and see if they improve my outlook; I'm betting they will!

  3. Wow! A pinot for $5??? How was it? The flowers and the wine look so lovely. Wishing our Trader Joe's in PA would sell wine….

  4. Yesterday I bought daisies for a fresh bouquet and opened a lovely white wine. Now if it would just warm up enough I would love to be on the patio!

  5. So far I haven't been tempted to drive up the interstate to get to our only Trader Joe's — but if they sold pretty bottles of wine like your's I just might be tempted to brave the drive. : )

  6. We've no TJ's nearby either but…I did go to a local restaurant named TJ's last evening with some very old friends I hadn't seen in years…a pretty good way to start off the week! (Dan misses his TJ terribly in CO)

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