Looking Back | March.

March sure looks better through the lens of my daily photos than what I remember!

Full on Spring, for sure, including some fun with the portrait feature on my iPhone camera

in our neighborhood, March 29
outside our North Carolina cottage, March 20

and the last, faded bloom on the amaryllis.

March 16

There was also a lot of knitting, two great TV shows (Longmire and the new Queer Eye), a few more self portraits (thanks to Michelle’s challenge at the beginning of the month) and a few other faces, including one very shaggy one on March 30.

I know y’all are ready to see Spring, too – hopefully she’ll make an appearance for everyone this month!

9 thoughts on “Looking Back | March.

  1. Your March looks good, a little subdued towards the end, but lovely nonetheless. We have a cold spell today, but a warm up again and I see blossoms on a few trees, as well!

  2. Love all the bright flowers and especially ! – the boys in their room and 2-Sara and Holly. Glad you are on the mend.Cheers~

  3. It's so nice to see spring REALLY unfolding . . . somewhere! It still feels a long way off here . . . Thank you for a lovely glimpse at your month. XO

  4. I love the green hydrangea too! Looks like lots of good in March Mary…I'm hoping some of that spring shows up here soon!

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