borrowing this Friday post idea from Kym, with thanks!

more of the lovely landscape outside our North Carolina cottage

Thinking About … solitude. I’ve been reading Holy Solitude this Lenten season. As an introvert, I’ve always felt comfortable being alone (I need time by myself to recharge). Haverkamp is introducing me to a whole new-to-me cast of folks through the ages who practiced solitude with purpose.

“Being alone sounds sad, aimless, or lonely, to hear ads or memes describe it. Solitude, however, is chosen and purposeful.” (from the Introduction)

I’m looking forward to incorporating some of her ideas into my morning solitude time … after Easter.

Grateful For … a slow day at home. Marc’s playing golf and it’s just me and the dog. quiet. peaceful.

Inspired By … the longer days and other signs of Spring to lighten up. my wardrobe. my diet. my house.

Fun … Sara arrives this evening! we have plans for lunch with mom, a wine tasting, Homeland “live” (the only time I watch it in real time on Sunday evening is when I’m with her) and dinner with Katie.

Here’s to the weekend! Have a good one, my friends!

14 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Oh my, those blossoms are beautiful! We have a scraggly old apple tree in the ravine, and I wonder if it's too early to cut a branch for forcing?! (Will be doing some research on that momentarily!) Have a FABULOUS weekend, and a wonderful visit with Sara!

  2. I always love to see your Southern blooms . . . because they're a great reminder to me of what's to come up North! Have a great time with Katie! XO

  3. Those blossoms! Such a beautiful color! Enjoy your alone time and also lunch, wine tasting, Homeland, and dinner with wonderful company.

  4. So happy Sara is coming and you get to have time with her. I love when I have quiet afternoons too. when both the dog and the cat nap it is bliss!

  5. It’s Sunday now so hopefully you’ve had a terrific couple of days! And I’m with you on the alone and solitude. So good for the soul. 🙂

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