FO Friday | Parallelogram Scarf.

Yes, indeed, it’s finished!

Ravelry details here
…and it’s a beauty. 

It’s also a bit of a beast – my finished piece is about 30 (thirty!) inches longer than the pattern suggests … but it’s another cold windy day here and a double wrapped scarf around my neck (on top of a turtleneck) feels nice. even inside.

Those last few inches went fast – I had about 10g (from a 100 g ball) of each color left when I set it aside for our trip. I picked it up again Thursday evening and by Saturday evening the knitting was done. So done, in fact that I had to rip back the last two rows because I didn’t have enough yarn to bind off. Sunday morning, I finished the bind off, wove in the four (gotta love it!) ends, gave it a soak, laid it flat and let it dry. 
This was my first foray into sequence knitting and I look forward to trying more. It’s a really cool technique … even when I can’t count to two!

Today also marks the end of Michelle’s self-portrait challenge; the prompt is ritual. I don’t really have any rituals aside from a hot cup of coffee with steamed milk first thing in the morning. Since First Thing happens before I check email, I didn’t see the prompt in time to capture that moment. I do, however, have a deeply rooted daily habit to take a photo.

…which given my long-standing love of self-portraits in black and white, I’ll be sharing on Instagram like this.

(clearly the sign of a great piece when it’s just as pretty without the color!)

Have a wonderful weekend! 

13 thoughts on “FO Friday | Parallelogram Scarf.

  1. Parallelogram turned out to be quiet the project. I love the way the colors play together. If I wear a scarf I like it best double wrapped, plus it shows off more color. Beautiful (I mean you), Mary!

  2. It's a lovely piece, Mary — and so wearable! It will be a wonderful scarf to have — both as a delightful pop of color AND as a great way to ward off the chill. XO

  3. You are a beauty! the scarf/shawl is lovely and isn't it nice to double wrap when needed? As long as it's not too heavy for the neck bones.

  4. Your is beautiful with such softly mellow colors. My scarf is also quite “beastly” long – only 3/4 done, though I really like knitting it, so easy and gentle on the fingers and easy to watch tv while knitting. A pattern to come back to.

  5. Fabulous, Mary!! I have quite a ways to go on mine yet… it's been my go-to Knit Night project, at least, though sometimes I've gone so long without making a stitch that I have to reacquaint myself with the sequence! Sorry that it's chilly there, but nice that you have a beautiful new piece to help you warm up! Brava!!

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