Mid-February Weekending.

…was filled with good things:

Early signs of spring.

Knitting with a friend.

A beautiful Sunday morning, with tears of sadness (those backpacks on the chancel steps were placed by 17 high school students and teachers at the beginning of the service) and happiness (we celebrated the baptism of the grandson – another Charlie! – of one of my small group friends).

And another amaryllis bud – this is #7 from the basket of three bulbs!

Not pictured – more salads (we leave for Mexico on Friday), nine (?!) episodes of Longmire and a finished tank.

Hope your weekend was full of good things, too! Happy Monday!

12 thoughts on “Mid-February Weekending.

  1. I was on the sidelines at a conference of school superintendents from all over the country in Nashville late last week… I can't even describe the feelings. Palpable.I'm so excited for your visit to Mexico! Will you be staying put in Cabo? Rusty just returned from a week at Todos Santos where he was doing demonstrations (and also delivering work) at Jill Logan Galeria during their open studio weekend there. Hopefully, I'm along next year!!

  2. Cherry blossoms? So beautiful. We did get snow…4" or so…but 70's forecast for tomorrow and Wednesday! Mexico should be marvelous. My little brother and his wife left CO on Saturday for a week in Mexico…snorkeling and soaking up the sun. Can't wait to see your finished tank!

  3. Those backpacks make a powerful statement.I'm excited for your trip to Mexico. (So wish I had a trip like that to look forward to myself . . . ) How wonderful it will be to get away for awhile. XO

  4. Love the photos, but hate that we can't all agree on the imperative need for gun control. That is one amazing amaryllis and I hope Mexico is also amazing!

  5. Those backpacks are heartbreaking! The blossoms are lovely and you must be looking forward to having a lovely time in Mexico! Hope you have a great week!

  6. Statements like the backpacks really hit hard. Enjoy that amaryllis as long as you can! May your trip to Mexico be full of sun, sand, fun, and love!

  7. Those backpacks have hit a spot in my heart, I wish we had even mentioned them yesterday in church. Thanks for sharing so many different things of beauty from buds on trees to the love of students.

  8. What a somber moment that must have been at church. I like that you've got that many young people attending though! Here's to Mexico!

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