All About Sam.

Thank you all for your good wishes – Sam is much better (and hopefully back at school today).  For sure, this little guy is a trooper; I have to remind myself the gift of two whole days with him was because he didn’t feel good! After a good night’s sleep, I tackled the dozens of photos and videos I took. Wanna see?!

I brought a basket of new-to-him toys with me – a shape sorter, legos, books and crayons. He especially liked the shape sorter and the crayons.

But of course some of the best play doesn’t even require toys. We also had fun playing hide and seek in the laundry room

trying on his brother’s PJ’s

and dancing to silly songs.

You can certainly get a sense of his fun personality from the photos, but video is even better. Here are my favorite 20 seconds from the last two days.

Today I have some major catch up with my to-do list … and hopefully I’ll find time for some yoga. My body is definitely not used to so much toddler time 😉.

Happy Friday everyone – have a great weekend!

13 thoughts on “All About Sam.

  1. What a sweetheart! I'm so glad he's feeling better — but even gladder that you got some special time with Sam. XO

  2. He is such a fun little guy! Glad you were able to help out and have time with him. Hope your catching up goes well and that you have some yoga time (I just got a bolster from Amazon yesterday – LOVE it).

  3. That video is the sweetest and makes me think about all the changes we'll see in Jack in the months to come. I'm happy to hear Sam is feeling better and I hope you get the much deserved me time you need!

  4. He is the sweetest, Mary! So glad he is feeling better — love his energy! Hopefully, you were able to recover a little today. : )

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