Amaryllis Watch | Week Nine.

We have blooms – lots and lots of blooms!! Here’s what that one basket of bulbs looks like today

 with waterlogue’s natural filter, which rendered those gorgeous blooms most “naturally”

and a close up of that far right bloom

seriously stunning. and also not as dark as last week’s buds suggested.

I’ve kept up my daily photos, (still) amazed at the pace of growth. and change.

top left is Saturday, bottom right is yesterday – the big photo is from Tuesday

Also delighted to see the evidence of so much sunshine in my west-facing study. The clouds are moving in and we’re supposed to have a wet weekend. These photos are a wonderful reminder that the sun still shines. and there are lots more blooms in the wings!

Happy Friday and best wishes for a wonderful weekend! I’m ready for a break from football, but now golf is a Big Deal around here (and Marc is anxiously tracking Tiger). Good thing I have knitting (that test knit has been consuming much of my time – one more sleeve and it will be done … stay tuned!)

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12 thoughts on “Amaryllis Watch | Week Nine.

  1. Beautiful blooms! I really must remember to get myself one or two — color would be very welcome right about now. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. You have a true amaryllis forest! Beautiful! The color is so rich, so deep and unusual. With the pot sitting amidst your special pictures makes the perfect watercolor!

  3. I took a million pictures of my blooms as well! (How many pictures does one need of these blooms and their dog I ask myself!) Your amaryllis is gorgeous.

  4. So pretty! I love the progression. My amaryllis are behind & very slow, but the biggest straggler appears to have saved it all up for a big show, sending up only one shoot (so far) and it appears to be a flower bud. The others are just leafy… or a leaf, as a the case may be. 😉

  5. Beautiful, and part of that beauty is the big flowers – I think that is what I like about them the most, fills up the space. I only wish there could be more fragrance. (Versus the skunk smell this morning when outside!) My amaryllises are coming along fine, I am waiting for three of them to bloom. One is from a small bulb in a small pot that unexpectedly arose after being in dirt for a month and a half. Right time, I guess, or sometimes they just are mysterious.

    1. oh yes, I am really happy these don't smell like skunk! (or the paperwhtes that some folks think smell so bad) – these are just pretty to look .. and that's it! this is only my third year paying attention to amaryllis; I'm learning that they have a much longer growing season than I thought … you'll have blooms until nearly spring!

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