Three on Thursday | A Birthday Throwback.

In the past few months, two albums of photos from Katie’s early years have – most happily! – come into my possession. When Katie moved into a home of her own, I gave her the two albums I’d compiled (thankfully, I still have all of Sara’s photos … but of course, they’re not in an album. second child and all that 😉). So this past year, I was almost giddy to acquire two new-to-me albums from those years – one from my mom and one from my mother-in-law. Last night, I finally paged through both. cover to cover. I had in mind a post for today (because birthdays!) and I was not disappointed. And because it’s Three on Thursday, I have three photos to share:

If you did the math on Wednesday, you might’ve realized that my sister was 19 when Katie was born. She’d turned 20 by the time she visited us in March (her college spring break!) to meet Katie for the first time. I’m pretty sure this is the first photo of the two of them together. Karen still has that same beautiful smile! (also note the hoop sitting next to her – she’s good with a needle and thread.)
The only activity I remember from that visit is that I had a baby shower to attend – work friends … and introducing Katie. Of course I wanted her to wear the ruffled tights with the ruffled dress. Well, the ruffles on the tights were coming loose.
Yep, here’s Karen with needle and thread (and oh my goodness, I hope Katie is asleep!!!!?)
And we’re ready for show and tell!
I carried a copy of this photo in my wallet for years. That pair of scissors foreground left was cropped from my wallet copy, but here, it’s a nice reminder of the story – and photo – that came right before it! (and yes, I knit the sweater vest I’m wearing!)
Three cheers for old photos … and photos that tell stories!  Happy Thursday!
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12 thoughts on “Three on Thursday | A Birthday Throwback.

  1. Look at all that hair on baby Katie!!!! What fun photo-memories. Thanks for sharing your photos and stories. (How can time move that quickly???) XO

  2. Karen to the rescue (and I also hope Katie was asleep during the fix)! Old photos are great and I'm glad you got some new ones and shared!

  3. These are great photos that tell a story that would otherwise be forgotten. Fixing the ruffles like that reminds me of a photo I have of me in my prom gown, ready to go out the door, when my mom spied a loose ruffle and fixed it with needle and thread right then and there!

  4. aw, you look sweet and your daughter is precious. I have a photo of my sister visiting us when our daughter was first born!

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