At first glance, this past weekend might look a lot like the one before it. Netflix, snacks (with wine) in front of the TV, knitting, walks in the park

rewatching the end of Grace & Frankie season 3, ice on the pond, Saturday snacks
blocked lace, #parallelogramKAL (mine is the one at the bottom)
bright blue skies, Sunday snacks and today’s sunrise over the pond

…but then there’s this!

Bodie is now an FO! Holly snuck a quick snuggle with it Friday evening once it was dry and I got to wear it Saturday! I am in love with this one (in case you can’t tell!) … it fits beautifully and it’s the perfect light coat for the typical Atlanta weather this time of year. 
I hope your weekend included a smile-inducing moment or two … and not only related to the outcomes of yesterday’s games!
Happy Monday!

14 thoughts on “Weekending.

  1. Bodie is FABULOUS!! I can see that being a constant companion for the season…I've yet to rip & re-do my Parallelogram… but aiming to do that this afternoon! It hurts, but not as much as knitting forever on a scarf that doesn't thrill me. 😉

  2. Bodie is just beautiful! It may be one of your best FOs ever, but I think that about so many of your projects. Wear it and revel in all your knit gloriousness!

  3. I agree with everyone, your Bodie is beautiful. I would have tried it on if I was around Atlanta. Several years ago I made a huge long sweater-like coat, but I always forget it stashed away deep in a closet. Time to get it out I guess. And I agree with Vicki above too, concerning the parallelogram, I’ve had to rip out several rows (like down to the 2nd one) to restart my counting. Now I am on track, and can see immediately when I am off pattern, finally. Love it. Though I doubt I will get through each ball of yarn – that’s a lot of rounds to make! Perhaps a smaller shawl will be the final vision.

    1. I'm keeping Bodie out in plain sight – planning on it getting lots of wear! And yeah, Parallelogram is a lot of knitting. and counting. I'm amazed how hard it is for me to count to two!

  4. What a beautiful sweater, Mary! It looks like a great addition to your wardrobe — and I'll bet you'll be wearing it all the time this winter and spring. Just lovely. (And I love Holly's "stamp of approval," too!) XO

  5. Bodie is beautiful, a perfect coat for your winters and I'm happy to see Holly approves, too! Elizabeth's patterns are a dream to knit. You look fabulous in Bodie and your smile says it all!

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