Unraveled Wednesday | Snow Day.

Thank goodness I’m not starting this post with a “yep, still” … we live in Georgia and Snow Days are just not that common (thank goodness).  In the nearly 40 years I’ve lived here, I remember plenty of days when I’d wake up to brown grass and dry streets although “snow” was forecasted overnight.

Today was not one of them. Marc’s office was closed and the few plans I had were cancelled. Hello Snow Day!

We’re still practicing what retirement might look like – as in both of us home all day. every day. Thankfully Marc has a construction project at the golf club (just a short walk away) to check up on. and I have Holly who (much to her – and my – chagrin) must be shepherded outside at least three times a day.

We spent the morning with The Weather Channel, two pots of coffee and the treadmill… and I finally found my stride with some knitting this afternoon.

Bodie – this morning
Now one pocket lining down

and one to go. After that, I have to whipstitch those pockets closed, attach them, weave in ends, soak and block. I half-jokingly told my mom we would be seeing spring temperatures soon because I was nearly finished with a winter sweater.

I hope it’s true!

Joining in with Kat and friends today and sending plenty of warm Wednesday wishes to all!

12 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday | Snow Day.

  1. Oh, my! That is so gorgeous (the sweater, that is!) The weather, not so much! Although, we did get a good ration of sun this afternoon, our high temp was something like 15 degrees. But, I am not complaining, really… my son has something like 8' of snow on the ground. Yes, that is feet, and February is not even here yet!

  2. That's a very stunning jacket/cardigan … I can't believe the rich variety of the stitches. Even if those temperatures come true, I am sure there'll be cool mornings and evenings when that lovely knitwear will be perfect.

  3. This winter is wild; it seems like you've had almost as many snow days as we have! Bodie is beautiful, and I love that pocket lining. Here's hoping you get a chance to wear the finished sweater, but I bet there's still plenty of winter left, even in GA!

  4. I love days at home with Dale but we've never had more than a week consecutively so . . . The sweater is fabulous, I love those cleverly lined pockets!

  5. A strange winter for sure. I think overall you have probably had more snow than we have had here in Delaware. The worst though has been the bitter temperatures — your future forecast looks promising. : ) And Bodie — wow! beautiful!

  6. Wow good for you, we made a few trips outside, of course it took me 10 minutes to dress to ensure I had plenty of layers. Bodie is so beautiful, love what you chose for the pocket lining. I have another snow day, and since I did so much "work" yesterday, today will be devoted to just knitting and watching old episodes of Midsommer Murders. I'm nearly done with Taproot and I think it's perfect timing too.

  7. Bodie is GORGEOUS! Love the pockets and lining…and all the different textures. Stunning. I can't believe the snow you have gotten. Crazy!

  8. Ha! Isn't that the truth about a new sweater + the weather!! I love the pocket lining! We're expecting a little warm up this weekend, too! Rusty & I will be away for the weekend and looking forward to being able to (more comfortably) get out and walk/explore a little bit.

  9. Your new sweater is gorgeous! I love the various textures & the pocket linings. It would be a perfect sweater to wear instead of a jacket on those cool spring mornings!

  10. Bodie is fantastic and I'll bet winter isn't through with you yet! I LOVE my Brickyard so I think you'll love Bodie, too. You have our snow! We hear there could be a couple inches coming our way, so maybe you will get that warm up.

  11. It's just a beautiful sweater, Mary! I love how all the textures play together . . . and your yarn is just perfect. I can't think of a better way to spend a snow day than knitting. XO (Poor Holly. . . )

  12. we are dabbling in discussing retirement for him….lots of meetings and such with his work and our investment guy. He is eligible at the end of next spring (2019). Not sure what will happen, so it's exciting in a soap opera kind of way!

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