Hello Monday evening! I just wrote Vicki that I’m enjoying my unplugged mornings so much, I’m falling behind with blogging. That was most definitely not my intent, but I must say, being away from the computer has allowed me to make great progress on books and knitting. I’ve also enjoyed a few long walks in the park, meet ups with friends for coffee (and knitting) and quiet evenings (except for the exciting football games!) Not that you could tell that from the photos I took this past weekend,

but you might – correctly! – conclude it was all good. My 19 Crimes cork collection is now up to 15 corks (I only lack #3, 7, 10 & 12 for a complete set). Two sweaters (Footprints test – upper right – and Bodie – lower left ) are on track for finishing … and Marc & I ate lots of yummy (and mostly healthy) snacks.

We’re even ok with the football results. It’s disappointing that the Falcons are done for the season, but honestly, I’m relieved. It’s going to be a lot more fun to cheer for the Vikings now that I don’t have any other loyalties 😉.

Here’s to a great week!

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  1. I just read the list of crimes and there are some interesting ones! Impersonating an Egyptian? Clandestine Marriage? I would be happy to drink to help you find corks, but our Costco isn't allowed to sell wine. 😦

  2. I'll check my corks . . . I know I have a few "crimes" in there, but I'm not collecting so can't recall which ones. But I'll check! Unplugging is so nice — and once you get used to NOT being "ON", it's easy to just stay unplugged. 🙂 (That was me and Facebook — I decided to take a little break. Which turned into Facebook? What's Facebook?) XO

  3. Outside the football, the weekend was nice! And, this weekend I will be "live tweeting" the game with KmKat, which should be most hilarious!

  4. I tend to get caught on the computer looking for books to read or things I would like to knit/crochet which of course takes time away from actually doing those things. I'm working on it though. : ) Your weekend looks and sounds like it was a good one!

  5. Being (mostly) disconnected has been very good for me. I live more in the moment, as it were, because I need to entertain myself. You've made such great progress on your sweaters! I'm (still) envious of your 19 Crimes.

  6. I like your unplugged mornings, I should be doing that more. Spending time reading blogs makes me happy, reading the news does not. Yet I tend to do that a lot and then make myself miserable. Anyways, I guess I need to write me a schedule of sorts!!!

  7. I'm with you-and will be on the look out for the corks-I had been meaning to check to see if you had #18, so I guess I can throw that one away!

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