Make Nine 2018 | Setting Goals.

Jumping on the #makenine2018 bandwagon (thanks to Kat for the encouragement!) with nine projects I plan to finish this year:

The top row – Bodie, Footprints in the Snow and All the Love – are already on the needles, and I’m planning to finish at least two of them this month.

I’ve promised myself I won’t start another sweater until they’re all finished, but I’m going to start the Parallelogram Scarf on January 20. Vicki and I will be knitting along – care to join us?

The five remaining sweaters – Birkin, Archer, Fine Sand, Balise Cardigan and Glaswegian Cardigan – will make a decent dent in my stash. I think they’ll also be fun to knit and nice additions to my wardrobe.

So yeah, I have yarn on hand to knit five sweaters (plus another three or four) and several big accessory pieces, not to mention a dozen or so single skeins that could be socks, hats, mitts, cowls or shawls. I like having some stash, but whoa … this is a bit much for me! I’ll definitely be buying less yarn in 2018 🙂

I set my goal in Ravelry to knit 24 projects this year. At this point, I’m not sure what all those projects will be, but I intend most of them come from stash.

Are you setting any knitting goals this year?

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  1. 24 projects! Wow! If anyone can achieve that goal, it's YOU, Mary. What a great group of projects you've picked for you #makenine2018. I don't set knitting goals for myself — unless it's to knit whatever I feel like next! 🙂 (Which is probably why you can think about knitting 24 projects in a year … and I think about finishing 7 or 8!) 😀

  2. You've set beautiful and ambitious goals, but with your knitting abilities and dedication, they are ones that I'm sure you'll meet. My goal is simply to knit. 🙂

  3. Oh my, those are all great projects!! I don't think I've ever set a specific knitting goal for a year, but I do enjoy smaller "challenges" and KALs. I am so looking forward to ours (hoping to dye the yarn this weekend!), and am pondering something for the Olympics!

  4. I admire your organization and very ambitious goals! My goal is to knit some every day, and to celebrate when I finish something! You have some lovely projects to work on this year…enjoy!

  5. Beautiful projects you have picked! I don't set knitting or reading goals – I find that doing so always diminishes the joy I have in the projects/books. I had been thinking of doing the "box of socks" (a pair every month) this year but then realized that would pretty much guarantee I would knit any socks – LOL.

  6. Excellent choices. I am going to add in KK's new sweater when it is released. I don't have the yarn for it yet…And, Birkin is niggling my brain. I am thinking of just a two color version. But, again… I don't have the yarn.I love the parallelogram scarf… hmmm. I have a few days to think about it.

  7. I haven't set knitting goals in ages. I do have a knitting related goal this year, though! I'm going to make sure I track when I start and finish each project I knit. I have gotten woefully lazy with that in the last few years and it makes it hard to see any progress.

  8. No goals! But I like your selections! I've got Humulus on my mind once I finish my current sweater. That should be this weekend but then there's the seaming! And my sister-in-law recently made my m-i-l the Melody Hoffmann Kimono and it really is a beautiful piece that would be well worn in my New England home. So there's that too! (And stash yarn waiting…)

  9. Oh my goodness, I'd have a problem with one let alone twenty-four! I like that Glawegian cardigan with the Fairisle. It looks very cosy. More power to your knitting elbow!

  10. I love your choices! And I'm looking forward to following along as you knit these beautiful pieces in the coming year! I'm not setting any knitting goals — as it is, I feel I was overly ambitious in my reading goal for the year. : )

  11. I just finished Brickyard and it's drying as I type! SO excited to have a finished sweater. I'm think I'll knit at least 6 pairs of socks, a couple of shawls and another sweater, maybe Birkin. I don't dare declare a "goal", but I'm hopeful. YOU, on the other hand, will have an enviable wardrobe!!

  12. Hmmm- 24 = 2 a motnth! Love the choices, especially the design of the pink sweater and the blue one, lower left corner! I will love seeing the sweaters on the dress form and you! Knit on!Cheers~

  13. I would be extremely happy if I could accomplish half your goal. One project/month. Seems doable? Does it matter when you started the project?? When I get Keaton finished, that could count as my “1” for January despite the fact that I started it LAST January!! 😬

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