Looking Back | December.

Looking back at December through the lens of my daily photos,

I can’t help but smile! Family (who are friends), a few cocktails, a delicious spread of cookies, reading, knitting (and one FO – that lovely bit of pinned out lace on the 23rd is the 2016 Mystery Shawl), plenty of twinkle lights … and the beginning of this year’s amaryllis watch.

My mom gifted each of us super fancy bulbs from Jackson & Perkins. I set mine out on December 1st and have been documenting their progress every Friday since then.

I’m positive I can really see those stalks growing! This week, I threaded the two taller ones through copper stakes (so pretty and practical … but maybe not quite as charming as the knitting needles I had to use last year 😉) and I’m sure the 3rd one will need a stake in the next day or two.

week six

Last year, my two bulbs bloomed about a month apart – one at Christmas and the other later in January. Too soon to tell, but I think this year’s bulbs are all on track for January. Stay tuned … I plan to make this a Friday feature for a few more weeks!

Waterlogued – Streamlined (looking back at last year, I was reminded how much fun these photos were, too)

And whew, I think this is the last looking back post I have to share. The first weekend of 2018 seems like a good time to start looking ahead!

Wishing y’all a wonderful weekend … stay warm!

9 thoughts on “Looking Back | December.

  1. I am so looking forward to seeing those blossoms! Staying warm is getting more difficult here. I had to go out this morning when the temp was -4, and tonight and this weekend is supposed to be even colder. More wool!

  2. Nice review – I really love those pics of your Mom. Once they get going Amaryllis seem to take off like rockets! Looking forward to seeing your weekly posts on yours. Stay warm!!!

  3. Lots of good stuff in December. Watching the amaryllis has been a lot of fun. I need to remember to take a photo before I leave and when I return.

  4. I always love to see your monthly look backs! And so many beautiful stitches in your Mystery Shawl! I'm looking forward to following along on your Amaryllis watch. : )

  5. Your month is has more faces than ever AND they are all smiling! You took full advantage of the joy that December can bring. It was a grand end to the year. I am totally enchanted with my amaryllis'. So elegant, so beautiful, so welcome! I'll enjoy watching yours, too.

  6. So much fun to see all the smiling faces in your December – especially your mom & Sara – and of course, the young fellas! And one of my fave pics: the tree seen thru the wine glass! Looking forward to seeing the amaryllis bloom…here's to 2018 (as I raise my wine glass in a toast!)Cheers~

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