A Good Beginning.

… is how my mom described all the unloading and unpacking that happened yesterday, and I think that’s quite positive, given how much unpacking still needs to happen!

We started in the kitchen (this is my third kitchen unpacking of the year 🙂 and have it about half done. Why is it that we can feel somewhat settled – amidst piles of boxes – once the kitchen cupboards are full?


Next was the living room; by 6 o’clock it was ready enough for wine.

yep, that’s Holly – she made herself right at home!
a close-up of the frog band (one of my dad’s favorite art finds) under the window

…as were we!

And a few hours later, I did get my twinkle light knitting time.

A good beginning indeed.

13 thoughts on “A Good Beginning.

  1. Hopefully the biggest stuff is done and now your mom can putter around and get the rest put away easily. It must be so wonderful for her to be in her own space again!

  2. I'm impressed with the good beginning; you can walk among the boxes without tripping and sit down to enjoy wine! It isn't until we move that we realize just how much stuff we have, even if we've cleaned things out. For your sake, I hope there are no more kitchen unpackings in 2018!

  3. That is a very good beginning, indeed! Things are really shaping up nicely — and it looks like such a nice, bright, apartment. I hope you don't have to unpack another kitchen for a very, very long time. XO

  4. That looks like a very nice apartment and I hope your mom feels at home there. Three kitchen unpackings are a lot for one year, here's hoping this is your last one for a while!

  5. You're the expert packer unpacker after this year! You got your mom's place in order quickly and she must feel relieved to have so much of it in place. Glad you got your feet up and some relaxing/knitting time!

  6. The fact that you could relax on furniture to have your wine is great!! Cute little frog band with their Santa hats on. Glad you got some knitting time in…I have missed that these past few days, but hope to remedy that soon.

  7. You probably qualify as an expert kitchen unpacker by now. : ) The frog band and Holly put a smile on my face! Hoping today went well.

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