Snowy Weekending.

I’m sure y’all have heard the big news by now – it snowed here this weekend. An early December snow is unusual here … and 6-10+ inches is, too. We got both! The snow started Friday morning (thankfully after our walk) and didn’t end until Saturday. Marc and I spent three hours Friday afternoon assembling our new treadmill

the photos don’t show it – but I really did help!
…time very well spent since it will probably be a few more days before the sidewalks are clear enough for a dark early walk. 
Friday evening we had snacks and continued our binge through Bosch Season 3 (that show has really grown on both of us – highly recommend!) Saturday we were snowed in and it was great! I did take Holly out, but otherwise neither of us left the house. I baked cookies and knitted just a little and then we had more snacks and finished Bosch.
Sunday morning
Sunday’s big highlight (because boo. no church. no Christmas music program) was a family cookie exchange (“family” here being the five local women who bake). The five of us each baked two kinds of cookies to share and while we were together, we made Lebkuchen, one of my dad’s favorite cookies. Lebkuchen isn’t hard, but it’s sure better as a family affair!
We even remembered to take group photos. 
I certainly hope this is a “new” tradition – it’s an easy way to have a delicious assortment of cookies and it’s fun! Are you hoping to make any new traditions this year?
Here’s to Monday (evening. already. yikes!)!

14 thoughts on “Snowy Weekending.

  1. We got about 6", but we have plows, shovels, and loads of salt to deal with snow here. I don't imagine that too many municipalities in GA have very large snow removal budgets. So I'm glad you have a treadmill, got to experience the fun of being snowed in, and made plenty of delicious cookies!P.S. I love Lydia's hat and sweater!

  2. The snow came as a complete surprise to me. 10+ wow! We got just enough to make driving interesting. The cookie making sounds like lots of fun! And how did I miss Bosch? I really liked the books so I think I need to check out the show.

  3. We got a few inches of snow but not that much – and we're more prepared for it than you guys are, too. I love snow days at home when we both stay in, sounds like you and Marc made the most of it.

  4. The cookie party looks like such fun! Can't believe your arms are bare and Lydia's sweater is gorgeous. Y'all got much more snow than us – bet Charlie and Sam had fun.

  5. I am envious, as Pittsburgh got nary a flake of snow. It circled all around us, however, this morning it is coming down nicely! Which makes me happy. I hope are you dug out and back to normal XO

  6. We've had about an inch of snow so far this year; the prediction is for 5" tomorrow! We still won't have as much as you… topsy-turvy!! Your cookie exchange looks so fun!

  7. We were in the 6" category and true to a first storm people were crashing cars all over the place! (Nothing horrible…just off road stuff.) I wonder if I could convince my sisters-in-law to do a cookie thing because I don't see my immediate family growing much in the near future! 🙂

  8. We got just a dusting in east-central Illinois. Your cookie exchange looks like it was fun & yummy, although seeing you in a sleeveless top with all that snow outside gave me a shiver!

  9. It's still snowing here . . . (lake effect) . . . but we're equipped to deal with it up here. Hope it's melting away for you, Mary — and you can get on with your days! (Pretty, though, isn't it?)XO

  10. Le sigh. We have nothing, only a little hoar frost this morning. Your snow is so beautiful and you had the best of plans in place for a snowy weekend. Lydia hat is fabulous!

  11. I didn't get one little inch – boo. I will just enjoy your photos! I love your christmas exchange and your photos that you remembered to take. I forget all the time these days, I should set an alarm or something!

  12. Our snow melted on Sunday…and it's downright frigid today! Bet the cookies were good and hooray for new family traditions!A busy and productive weekend!Cheers~

  13. This was really a lot of fun-Marc took a great group photo. Crazy one of us sleeveless and one of us in a chunky wool sweater and hat. I have to say I was very comfortable the whole time. Looking forward to next year's baking!

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