Alaska | Saturday in Anchorage.

Back in Alaska, it’s Saturday August 26 … and the first day of our trip that we stayed in one place! Well, in one town any way. We covered a good bit of ground!

First on foot – Lydia and I enjoyed a nice early morning walk mostly along the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. Great waterfront views … and – finally! – a moose!!

We cleaned up, had time for a little knitting

and then headed to the Anchorage Market and Festival for lunch. There was music

 and all kinds of great food and crafts. I had a salmon quesadilla and it was delicious.

That afternoon, we took the Big Swig Tour and visited three local breweries, with tastings. Prior to this trip, I liked beer “ok” – it would’ve never been my first choice of beverage. But now, I’m a real fan. Special favorites include IPA (the more bitter the better), Saison and Porter.

Ron & Karen at Midnight Sun (people shown for scale – that’s a huge stack of cans!)
we drank a lot of beer!
Steve & Ron at Cynosure Brewing … last stop!

Sadly, none of the beers we sampled that day make their way to Georgia, but with help from my sister and brother-in-law, I’m exploring our local offerings and finding favorites here.

That evening, we enjoyed a very fun dinner out … but I have no photos to share. Still, I think you can see – it was a great day!

Next week, we’re headed out again on the train to see more glaciers. until then …

Happy Friday, Happy December, Happy End of NaBloPoMo (but I do intend to be back tomorrow with the second installment of Cheers to Bonny)!!

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  1. I liked the train rides and beautiful scenery, but this also looks like a fun day (and a lot of beer)! I do enjoy time travel to Alaska (and can't wait to try two more cocktails)!

  2. Your trip sounds really fun and the food and drink excellent. I always loved our local micro-brewery selections and the bitter, darker beers were my fave, too!

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