Throwback Thursday | Thirty-four Years.

On Sunday, Marc and I celebrated our 34th anniversary and he shared a few two-of-us throwback photos on Instagram. A few were actually new to me and I asked him to send them to me. 

from the cover of our wedding album
engagement photo – fall, 1983 
November 19, 1983 
at Katie’s wedding – a favorite!
this summer – and technically three of us 🙂
So this will be our 35th Thanksgiving together as a married couple. We spent our first Thanksgiving in Cancun (honeymoon) and I don’t remember much about Thanksgiving dinner that year except that it was a hotel buffet. The next year, though, we were in Illinois, visiting my parents.
previously shared in this post – more knitting history!
Since then, we’ve spent every Thanksgiving with family … mine, Marc’s and eventually “ours”. This year, we’ll be getting together with family later in the weekend, but today, it’s just the two of us (again). I opted out of a traditional meal – instead, we’re having turkey sandwiches and a few sides … likely in front of the television. I think we’re both looking forward to it!
We have much to be thankful for … and the two of us together is definitely a big part of that.
Wishing you and yours a most Happy Thanksgiving!

13 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday | Thirty-four Years.

  1. Your day sounds lovely. Ours will be low key or lower than usual. Just the girls and their husbands and of course that tiny person who has gone from walking to running this week so we won’t Ben sitting too much ��. Love the photos.

  2. Wishing you and Marc a very Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Anniversary! I see many smiles through the years, and I wish you many, many more wonderful years of love, health, and happiness together. Enjoy the day today and weekend celebrations, too!

  3. Your T-day sounds like perfection! Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Anniversary!! May your weekend be full of delight, love, and joy!!

  4. Happy Happy Anniversary and counting! I think your Turkey/Anniversary day celebration was just the best way to mark both occasions. And I love the then and now photos…here's to year 34! Cheers~

  5. What a beautiful post Mary. So much to be thankful for, so much happiness. And your day together sounds perfect. Here's to the next 35 Thanksgivings together!

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