Alaska | Anchorage.

If it’s Friday, this must be Alaska. Today’s travelogue is from Thursday, August 24 – the end of the cruise and the beginning of a long weekend in Anchorage. Our ship docked dark early in Seward

and we boarded the train for Anchorage.

from the Alaska Railroad website

This was our first of three train trips on the Alaska Railroad; I can’t say enough good things about the company, the service, … and oh my goodness the views. The trip from Seward to Anchorage (via Girdwood) is about four hours and it’s fully narrated.

yay for knitting
and a full-service bar

We planned to travel the Anchorage to Grandview route again on Sunday; I have more photos to share from that trip – this is just a quick taste!

We arrived in Anchorage, checked into our hotel (the Historic Anchorage Hotel – really delightful and very close to the train station), had lunch (pizza!) and then took the Trolley Tour. This was a wonderful introduction to the city and its history. Our tour guide was energetic and entertaining. Highly recommend if you’re ever in Anchorage.

Anchorage is a very pretty city and it was in full bloom.

in front of city hall 

The Anchorage natives call this monument to Eisenhower (president when Alaska became a state) “Eisenhower on the Half Shell”; the flowers are the best part!

We had dinner at Tequila 61° … great food, cold beer … and a fun bar scene.

Then early-ish to bed so we’d be up and ready for the train to Talkeetna. Stay tuned … next week!

Happy Friday, y’all!!

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  1. Train travel looks like such an enjoyable way to go and allow everyone to view the beautiful landscape. And those flowers! Is it the extra daylight that allows them to grow so abundantly? Just lovely!

  2. Alaska must be full of one great view after another! I know it's what a travelogue is, one great view after another, but was there ever anything that wasn't unique? Thank you for sharing your trip, your thoughts, and your vistas.

  3. Aren't train rides fun? I took one from Portland to Tacoma…not quite the same ride as yours…I am very much enjoying your recap of the trip. Will be sorry to see the trip end!Cheers~

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