Three on Thursday | Grateful.

…continuing with the theme:

1. Marc’s continued commitment to moving more. We went shopping on Monday for his second new pair of shoes this year. Walking 3.5 miles every morning wears out shoes! Here he is snapping a photo of the old and new pairs to share on Instagram (I love that, too!)

2. Those morning walks have been wonderful for our relationship, too. There is something about walking together that makes it easier to talk. Of course being outside – and away from the TV – is healthy too.

3. The encouragement and community around NaBloPoMo. I look forward to seeing all the posts in my feed reader … and reading the comments you share here. It’s certainly a challenge to keep up (I find I’m usually a day behind), but the conversation is so inspiring. And hey, we’re on the downhill stretch now, y’all!

from this morning’s walk – the trees just to the right are lit with twinkle lights … makes for an interesting “dark early” photo!

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15 thoughts on “Three on Thursday | Grateful.

  1. And you taking a photo of Marc taking a photo of his shoes! John and I have been walking together for several years now, and we feel the same way. It's a challenge after the time change because he leaves for work ~5:30 and doesn't get home until well after dark, but we walk up to our middle school and walk lots of laps on the track. He had so much to say the other night that we lost count of laps and ended up walking for over 90 minutes. And hooray for the downhill stretch!

  2. Doug and I try to walk in the evening as well when he gets home but it is a challenge these next couple of months! I've made a point to at least sit with him while he makes his lunch in the evening and chat rather than hiding in my chair doing…nothing. Love that shot of Marc!

  3. There are so many good reasons for taking a walk outdoors everyday! It looks like you have a lovely place for walking. I'm grateful that I live near a university that has a beautiful walking trail and I never get bored!

  4. I love taking a walk with my husband but we rarely get the chance. Our schedules are totally opposite from each other. Sometimes weeks go by & we only see the other sleeping, never awake.

  5. Dale gets up so early for work as it is and he's not a morning person so trying to convince him (and me) to get up earlier and walk would be next to impossible. We always talk about doing it later in the day but somehow we've never gotten around to it and made it part of our routine. I wish we'd find a way to do it, though, because I know it would be good for our bodies and our minds.

  6. That photo is so lovely! I love taking walks any time of day. My husband will go with me sometimes, but walking is not his fave – he'd rather bicycle.

  7. Steve is the best motivator I know, and I think he would say that I am the same to him. AND, as my doctor tells me active couples are the best medicine for each other. He keeps trying to convince us to take up tennis. I keep laughing, but we both look at the tennis courts we walk by and I know we are both thinking! LOL

  8. How wonderful to have time for a morning walk together. We sometime fit in an evening walk (in warm weather) and it does do wonders for a relationship! Love the pic of Marc taking his Instagram photo! Oh, and what a morning view!

  9. Fletch and I occasionally walk together, but he is more apt to walk at 11 p.m. when I am asleep – lol. And now, of course, it's dark and cold!!

  10. Sadly, my daily walks are solo as my husband, and I are on opposite schedules, but I would imagine it would be a great time to catch up with each other. And good for your husband's commitment to walking each day! – you sure have some inspiring morning views on your daily travels!

  11. The shoes! I LOVE it! What a great shared activity for you and Marc. Tom and I walk together occasionally – with the dogs, of course – but it's not on a regular schedule — and it's never first thing in the morning. I think starting the day together with a walk sounds like a great way to start the day. XO

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