Three on Thursday | Grateful.

…continuing with the theme I introduced last week:

1. Brighter mornings. I took this photo at about 7:30 Monday morning – no lamp light required!

2. Saying “yes” to something new. A friend texted me Monday to ask if I’d like to attend the book festival with her Tuesday afternoon. Both books sound like fun (and The Forever Summer has an interesting premise about the impacts of DNA testing on “family secrets” that might make for a great bookclub discussion). She also invited me to attend next Tuesday’s event when Nicole Krauss will be solo-ing. (I started reading Forest Dark last night.)

3. A slow morning. That’s me and my knitting (yay – a new project!) in front of the fireplace mid-morning.

Joining in with Carole and crew for Three on Thursday.

7 thoughts on “Three on Thursday | Grateful.

  1. I can see why you are grateful for these three terrific things! I'm very glad and excited for you (and I also confess to some envy for the book festival and fireplace knitting)!

  2. Wish we had something like the Book Festival here…perhaps we do…always happy for brighter mornings! Hard to believe that 'dark early' in the AM has shifted to the PM…Cheers~

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