Unraveled Wednesday.

The gift knitting is going great, but it’s to the point now where no amount of creativity can disguise it. I can, however, share what I’m reading (with my ears). How I managed to miss this one (I haven’t seen the movie either) is beyond me … but I’m very glad to have finally found it. Alice Walker’s narration is perfect. I really want to find out how it ends, but I don’t have anything nearly so good queue’d up to follow, so I’m not at all sure I really want it to end.

On the knitting front, however, I know exactly what’s coming next and I’m definitely ready for them! First – I have Shades of Sandy, which got off to a rocky start earlier this year when I discovered I’d purchased one of the wrong yarns. Now all three yarns are right, wound and ready to go! (and I think the new gray, which is a little brighter than the old one, will be a better mix – so a win!)

And then Bodie. My yarn arrived. I’ve wound the first ball and found a project bag (made for me a few years back by Honoré 😊) to hold the WIP. The pattern isn’t coming out until Friday … perfect timing to ensure I don’t lose focus on today’s WIP before it’s finished!

Joining in with Kat and crew for Unraveled Wednesday to see what everyone is reading and knitting!

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  1. You are so organized and prepared with your lovely knitting! I read The Color Purple years ago, and it's one of the few books where I felt the movie was almost as good as the book (just in case you want to watch something with Sandy or Bodie). I know that dragging-your-feet feeling as you approach the end of a good book. I'm sure there are plenty of good books out there, but I've been having trouble finding them lately. Here's hoping your next good read shows up soon after this one!

  2. Do, Do enjoy Color Purple! I'd forgotten about that bag…so happy to read that it's home to your next project! Knit and Read on…I look forward to reading your take on the book and watching Bodie materialize. Cheers~

  3. Do make sure you watch The Color Purple. They downplay the lesbian relationship in the movie, but other than that it's still a solid film. I mean, Whoopie!

    1. and Oprah. and Danny Glover … it looks like a very solid cast. I definitely had those key players in my mind as I was reading. Now I just have to find the movie. (yikes, I might actually have to rent a DVD!)

  4. Love your new projects and bag! I've never seen the movie (not really a movie person) but read the book this summer and enjoyed it.

  5. You would think since I have only 3 very small projects going I'd be done already, but noooo. 2nd sock going on 2 pairs and I'm having to redo part of 2nd mitt.

  6. I have neither read nor seen The Color Purple, either. Hm… I knit something similar to "shades of Sandy" a few years ago and we were practically inseparable — it also inspired a lapsed knitter to take up the needles again and make one of her own!

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