Watercolor Wednesday | Unraveled.

I met up with a few friends for knitting and lattés this afternoon. Happy to report that Taproot is drying … and since the Bodie pattern isn’t coming out until next week, I’m back to a bit of gift knitting. The recipient reads the blog, so my friends were happy to oblige with a waterlogue’d photo that doesn’t give away any details.

On the reading front, I’m still listening to 4 3 2 1 (less than five hours to go now!) and still enjoying it immensely. There have been a few unexpected twists in the plot; I have no idea where it’s headed. But I’m hoping to find out tomorrow!

Joining in with Kat and crew for Unraveled Wednesday. and kicking off what I hope will be my third successful NaBloPoMo!

9 thoughts on “Watercolor Wednesday | Unraveled.

  1. Can't wait to see the mystery knitting. I started The Professor and the Housekeeper last night and it is wonderful for this numbers nerd.

  2. You're on a roll with NaBloPoMo! Sure you'll make it for the 4th year…fun Waterlogue…I'd been missing them on my blog, too! See ya tomorrow.Cheers~

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