It was a beautiful weekend here. The weather was glorious.

Saturday afternoon walk
Sunday morning run

The blanket did not have to see the Yankees lose two in a row.

bound off Friday afternoon

We figured out how to take photos from FaceTime, which ended up involving multiple FaceTimes.

I’m not complaining!

Hope you found something to not complain about, too … happy Monday!

14 thoughts on “Weekending.

  1. Oh that Sam's smile! Such a happy baby…and what fun to take FT photos! Cool. I really like the blanket pattern…and chin up, there are a few of us whose teams lost…we could have "pity party." Yeah!Cheers~

  2. I'm all caught up now! 🙂 Love, love, love those Sam smiles! And that blanket is the bomb! Congrats on getting. it. done!

  3. Oh, my! Sam is getting so grown up!!!! What a sweetheart. (And your blanket is just wonderful).Sorry about the Yankees. (Said the Cubs fan.)XO

  4. that first photo is the best 🙂 so glad you get your face time with the littles, I bet that makes you miss them less, hopefully.

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