A Tuesday Haiku.

before and after
cleaning out, then Home Depot
for mums and pumpkins. 

Those planters on the front porch have been nagging me since we got back from Connecticut (17 days if you’re counting). They weren’t in great shape after Alaska, but at least they were alive. The two weeks both of us were gone in September really did them in. And then it was rainy. and humid. and hot. but this week …. ahhhh….

While I was at Home Depot, I pulled up my favorite photo from last year’s “after” to check the sizes of the mums and pumpkins … and was reminded that this year’s fall transformation wasn’t nearly as much fun

and oh my goodness – pointing!!

but it was a lot quicker. which is ok. I have a blanket to knit!

Hope your week is off to a great start!

13 thoughts on “A Tuesday Haiku.

  1. It's amazing how quickly containers dry out and turn to crackly crisps when it's hot . . . and there isn't regular water! I got rid of a couple that looked very much like yours yesterday! It's fun to shift the decor to fall, isn't it?

  2. I'm always amazed at how plants can still put energy into blossoms even when the stems and leaves appear nearly dead. "After" does look so much better and says fall beautifully. Maybe next year you'll have two helpers to carve jack o'lanterns and decorate for fall!

  3. Beautiful change over… I was just thinking this morning that my impatiens on the front porch are over done (especially since our frost last night) so I am off to pull out some halloween-ness and embrace fall!

  4. lovely fall colors! We do not have planters, I like the idea of them but neither of us would remember to water them consistently. I have trouble with the indoor plants…

  5. Lovely display of October's glory! And Charlie adds the best charm to the story. I must ask my niece if Chris is a pointer. Curious and I don't recall my nieces doing it. Cheers~

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