Alaska | Ketchikan.

Saturday, August 19, we docked in Ketchikan … and set foot in Alaska for the first time!

It rained. Apparently, August, 2017 was one of the rainiest months Ketchikan has seen. ever.

But it’s still pretty.

I love how colorful the buildings are.

This was our first official Alaska selfie.

♥ the lovely cowl that Kat knit for me

A kind stranger saw that effort and offered to take our photo. (I still like the selfie better.)

We chose a self-guided walking tour of town, intending to walk up to Creek Street and browse the shops. We did see Creek Street, but by this time we were getting cold and wet … and decided to head back to the ship.

And that’s pretty much all I have for Saturday. I’m sure we spent a lovely afternoon on the ship. I’m sure we played trivia.

Apparently someone had a beer.  And then, just before dinner, we heard “whales”!

Yeah, that’s about fifty photos of water … where a whale had been. Can you see it?

Next stop – Juneau!

Happy Friday everyone – have a wonderful weekend!

9 thoughts on “Alaska | Ketchikan.

  1. I love this! And, I am chuckling! (Remind me to share some newly discovered camera tricks with burst mode! AND, it works especially spectacularly with grandchildren!!) My first thought on those amazing colorful buildings was that they must have lots of grey days, so they added color to their lives in a more practical way. Really great photos!

  2. Haha. I have tried to photograph whales… and know what a challenge it is!! I like your selfie, too. If your volunteer photographer had taken even just a few steps toward you… though I'm sure they wanted to get that bird in the frame. It's a peeve of mine… Whenever I am asked (or volunteer) to take photos such as that, I always come in close while muttering about wanting to see FACES in photos… who cares about FEET??

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