Three on Thursday | In Photos.

Joining in with Carole, Kat and friends today to share three photos from today.

Those first two were, as of 7:30 this morning, completely unplanned. But then Katie texted that little Sam wasn’t feeling well and could I please come to help. He didn’t look nearly that happy or bright-eyed when I arrived late morning. But after a nap, he perked up a bit. I took him for a walk so Katie could take a work call … we had a great time! I’m headed back tomorrow and can only hope the stroller is ready to work magic again!

That third photo is the tree in our front yard. Happy to document a beautiful blue skies afternoon. but sadly, it appears the pin oak’s leaves turn … simply brown.

Hope your Thursday served up a pleasant surprise or two! Head on over to Carole’s to see what others have shared.

9 thoughts on “Three on Thursday | In Photos.

  1. I'm glad to see that a nap and nice walk in the fresh air seem to have worked their magic and helped Charlie feel more like his wonderful smiley self. Even if your oak leaves turn brown, you do have a delightful blue sky. I hope these things continue tomorrow!

  2. oh those photos! I bet you love to see them in person and in photos. I hope Sam is better. I walked around our yard yesterday with the camera because I fear I will blink and then it will all end.

  3. I'm behind in my blog-reading, and trusting that sweet, little Sam is feeling better again by now. There is nothing quite like Grandma-time for rejuvenating all involved (baby, mom, AND grandma!). And . . . yeah. Oak leaves don't really turn anything but shades of brown (and sometimes rust) — and they don't usually fall off the trees until quite late (even spring). It's the maples and the birches and beeches that really steal the show around here!

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