A Good Start.

…finally. It seems like ever since I started listening to books (and podcasts about books), I’ve had less and less music in my life. I miss it; last year I set an intention to get “more music” into my life. It wasn’t very successful. When we setup Alexa earlier this summer I tried again with Amazon Music. I found a few playlists and stations I enjoyed, but it still didn’t click.

And then I spent two weeks with Sara and saw how much she used and enjoyed Spotify (just like many of y’all have shared). Today I finally got myself started.

In addition to joining Spotify Premium (and telling Alexa about it – which was surprisingly easy), I also suspended my Audible membership (credits have been piling up now that we’re using Overdrive so much), so I’m actually saving a few dollars a month.

Now I need to start exploring the music! If you have playlists you love, would you please share them with me? My username on Spotify is mere2007. Thank you!!

8 thoughts on “A Good Start.

  1. The car is about the only place I get to listen to music and if the top is down I can't seem to get past the Sirius 80s station! I have dabbled in the Blend station on occasion.

  2. I don't have any terrific playlists, but I made a few based on favorite songs that tend to be artist-specific. I was going to share one or two with you, but I'm not sure what your taste is in music. I'm readknit if you want to take a look and see if I have anything you might want to listen to. I really like Spotify's Time Capsule, Discover Weekly, and Release Radar playlists; I always find something new and interesting when I listen to them (and then add the good stuff to my own playlists).

  3. I use Apple Music, for the most part, in the house. And I almost always listen to Sirius radio in the car. So I'm not much help with Spotify. But music in the house is a great thing! 🙂

  4. We love the Coffeehouse Playlist on Friday nights! But, I have not played around with it too much – so I am sorry that I am not more help!

  5. how exciting to be using spotify! I listen to podcasts mostly and I only read physical books or ebooks. My husband listens to so much music that I am a second hand listener so I don't seek out extra music 🙂 ha ha ha.

  6. I still play my own CDs…old fashioned I feel. It's that or the radio (community station). I've heard the Coffeehouse playlist and agree with Vicki.

  7. I have started using Spotify but I have to say that I haven't really gotten the hang of it yet. I tend to listen more to playlists of my own from my iPhone.

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