Three on Thursday | October Love.

Joining Kat, Carole and friends for Three on Thursday.

It’s the first Thursday of a new month – October; and it’s one of my favorites. Here are three of the reasons why:

1. Bright blue weather. I snapped the photo above in our front yard this afternoon, figuring it also serves to document the turning of the leaves on that tree. This is our sixth (!!!) October in the house and Marc and I realized this morning we’re not sure when/if the leaves actually turn. (stay tuned).

2. Sweater weather. I wear handknit sweaters all year-round, but there’s still something special about wool (or even a wool blend). ditto the knitting of same.

3. Porch time.

What do you love about October?

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11 thoughts on “Three on Thursday | October Love.

  1. I love October. By now, I've moved on from my wishing-it-were-still-summer phase and have just accepted the changing season. I really do like the more crisp days and clear skies of October. Plus . . . sweaters! 🙂

  2. If I look really closely, I might even see an individual leaf or two starting to change on your tree! I love the crispness in the air, and I hope it returns after Nate passes and brings us some much-needed rain.

  3. I am really wishing for some sweater weather here in Illinois! We just seem to have endless warmth and stifling humidity, although it finally did rain yesterday.

  4. That is a gorgeous blue sky! October is a favorite month for me, after all, it is my birthday month. : ) And usually, we are seeing some beautiful colors by now, but not much is going on with the leaves yet. We have had some cooler days and am looking forward to breaking out the sweaters even if they are store bought. : )

  5. Love the blue skies and green trees with just a hint of orange-red leaves…tops on my list: hearty soups; grilled cheese sandwiches; cool nights and mornings…and soon, back to "real time!"Cheers~

  6. Your blue sky is beautiful (and I'm a little envious). It's been more like November around here, but October is beautiful no matter the temperature. The colors are my favorite thing about October!

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