Looking Back | September.

My heart is with the hundreds of folks who were caught in a madman’s fire Sunday night. Unfortunately, prayers are not enough. My congressmen are getting an earful about gun control and I trust yours are too. The reports I read from Las Vegas this morning, then seeing the flag at the lake flying at half mast on our dark early walk gave me pause about the story I’d planned to share today. But I decided to move forward with it; I refuse to let hate and fear win.

So with that – here’s a look back at September through the lens of my daily photos. 
Labor Day weekend, time with the boys, a new bible study, Charlie’s third birthday, Hurricane Irma, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, 3,000 miles and seven states, a new home for Sara, time with Marc’s family … there is much to celebrate.
Here’s one photo I never shared. This is the sunrise over Lake Wingra (which used to be in Sara’s backyard) on Friday, September 15. A beautiful parting gift from Madison.

xo, M.

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  1. In all the sadness (and also anger that this has become the norm and congress is willing to accept that), I do appreciate that you're sharing your September with plenty of happiness and smiles. Here's hoping your October is filled with family, love, peace, and more smiles (and more knitting)!

  2. Finding our way with hope and love is how we cope with the chaotic world around us. Thank you for sharing your amazing September and thank you for sharing the Collect app with me!

  3. It's hard to feel ok about acting normal and doing normal things (like blogging and knitting!) but I think it's the only way we survive these tragedies. Your September mosaic is a reminder of all the good there is in our world.

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