Back Home.

…but still a ways to go before things start feeling “settled” – at least on my part. Holly took all of about five minutes to find her happy place here again.

I did take a quick run to the lake yesterday; it was glorious.

This morning I sorted through a few of the photos from last week. The underlying reason we were all gathered was certainly sad, but it was wonderful to be together. This was the first time we’d met all the cousins as adults and everyone’s first time meeting Charlie and Sam.

three generations, all together
the younger two generations
Sam & Justin
Friday night dinner

It was also Sara and Charlie’s first time to try New Haven pizza. Needless to say, it was a huge hit!

(I’m honestly not sure if Charlie liked Snapchat or the pizza better – but his cousin Justin was a hands-down favorite)

I will say it’s good to be back in this space and I look forward to catching up with all of you. As of yesterday afternoon, I still had 120+ blog posts to read, so please be patient with me!

Hope your week is off to a great start!

9 thoughts on “Back Home.

  1. Welcome home; you've been missed! I've been thinking about you and Marc, and hope that you can begin to feel settled in the coming weeks. It always seems to me one of the saddest parts about being an adult– getting together at funerals, but being together is the important thing. You surely do have a good-looking family, and I bet that having Charlie and Sam there helped everyone to smile despite the sadness.

  2. Welcome home. I've been following along, watching Sara's move. I'm so sorry about Marc's mother, Mary. (Sending love and condolences.) It's wonderful that you were able to gather together to celebrate her life and your memories. XOXO

  3. Welcome home! It was nice that your could celebrate the life of Marc's mother with you family gathered together; my sympathy of all of you. I hope you can take some quiet time during your first week back home.

  4. You have been missed!! Welcome home! Sadness may be the reason a family comes together, but by being with each other, chatting, laughing and hugging, we find the peace we seek. xox

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