Three on Thursday | Super Quick.

Beginning this week, Carole and Kat are no longer publishing a Think Write Thursday topic. Instead, they suggest we post “Three on Thursday”. They’ve done a great job with TWT; some of my favorite stories here (and on your blogs) were told in response to their topics. Thank you, Carole and Kat!

This new approach works perfectly for me today as the timer on the microwave tells me I have 20:37 to finish this post! That gives me a few minutes to take out Holly before I call the Uber for the airport. So … super quick:

1. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that Charlie and his family paid us a surprise visit this week (thanks to Irma and an extended power outage at their house). It was fun to spend so much time with the boys, even though the whole ordeal was stressful for their parents. The best part was that were able to celebrate Charlie’s birthday with him and his family … on his birthday! We started dark early with a homemade card, continued with oatmeal blueberry pancakes (Sam had cheerios … all over the floor), proceeded to Starbucks … and ended the day with cake, ice cream and candles. Their  power came back on late last night; they packed up and drove home early this morning.

2. 2nd Avenue is now an FO! It took over two hours to weave in and bury the ends, but it was definitely worth it. It’s packed in my suitcase, planning modeled photos in NYC.

3. The house is going to seem really empty when Marc gets home this evening. He and Holly are back on their own for ten days while I help Sara move. I hope to do a better job posting on this trip than the last one, but for sure, I’ll be sharing little stories on Instagram. Stay tuned!

Happy Thursday, everyone – and again, many thanks to Carole and Kat for TWT, and to Carole for continuing to host our Thursday meet ups.

(5:45 to go!)

10 thoughts on “Three on Thursday | Super Quick.

  1. Irma's wind and rain weren't good for anyone, but I'm glad you got to spend time with the boys because of it. 2nd Avenue looks great, and I hope you and Sara have safe travels and lots of fun!

  2. Safe travels! Can't wait to see 2nd Avenue somewhere in NYC. Glad their power is back on. Looks like a splendid b-day celebration for Charlie.

  3. I hope Three Things will be more popular than Think Write Thursday but I sure do appreciate your kind words about those posts. I think – even though it wasn't super convenient – that it worked out pretty well that you got to spend Charlie's birthday with him because of that hurricane. Have a BLAST in NYC with Sara!

  4. Good to hear the power was not out for long at Katie's. Looking forward to seeing your modeling shots in NYC! How fun!! Good luck with the move!

  5. That's a lovely scarf … How nicely it has turned out. Looking forward to those modelling pics. Is there a 2nd avenue where you're going? Well done on hosting everyone at such short notice :). And wishing you happy times and safe travels!

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