Think Write Thursday | Top of Mind.

Joining in with Carole and Kat for Think Write Thursday, who wrote “This week we are asking you to share 3 things on your To Do List with all of us.”

Ok, then – I love a list! Here’s what’s top of mind for me today and tomorrow:

1. Finish Charlie’s birthday socks. That first one just needs a little kitchenering (and an identical twin).

2. Shop for and then bake the cupcakes for his party on Saturday. Katie chose this recipe to go along with the “camping” theme. The recipe looks like fun; stay tuned!

3. Prepare for Sunday’s Women’s Luncheon at church. This is the kickoff event for the year and one of my primary responsibilities in this first year as Moderator. We’re expecting about 50 women. I need to work on my opening remarks, find an ice-breaker and prepare the introductions for our two speakers. It’s been a long time since I’ve led a meeting like this; I sure hope it’s like riding a bicycle!

I couldn’t help thinking as I typed that this is a really nice list. Not to mislead y’all; there are certainly some things top of mind that aren’t nearly as much fun, but for the most part, I’m free to choose to spend my time on things like this. Yes, life is good.

How about you?

8 thoughts on “Think Write Thursday | Top of Mind.

  1. Knitting, birthday, and luncheons! These are the things of a most excellent list! And, I love those cupcakes but I am pretty sure they are not on any diet anywhere! LOL And, do I read this correctly that you have a second sock to knit yet? Oy! Get knitting!!

  2. Socks and cupcakes sound like fun, but getting ready for Sunday's lunch would strike fear into my heart. I'd rather go to the DMV (one of my tasks), but I know you'll do a wonderful job!

  3. Cupcakes! Katie said nothing about cupcakes, I'll try to refrain from elbowing anyone out of the way-especially those shorter than me! Love the socks too, and the meeting you got this, so like riding a bicycle-even if you fall-you just get right back up.

  4. I'd love to be with you while planning the luncheon! What are you serving? And those cupcakes look so delicious. Lots of fun all around!

  5. That is a VERY nice list, Mary! (And I'll bet leading your luncheon will be very much like riding a bicycle. Just . . . climb on and keep pedaling.) XO

  6. Three beautiful and fun things to do! You may have a lot of other work to do for each item on your list, but the overall look of your day is just lovely.

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