A Quick Hello from Vancouver.

Hello! Stopping in quickly to share a few photos of the beautiful sights:

I took a scenic walk along the waterfront yesterday afternoon – lots of activity 

and lots of boats!

The view was a lot calmer when I took the same walk early this morning 

…and the view from our room as I type this post – we’ll be sailing in that harbor on our way out to sea this afternoon.
…more soon from the ship!

12 thoughts on “A Quick Hello from Vancouver.

  1. Love the contrast of the two types of photos. Weather looks great. And I know you are having a grand time. So happy to be able to join vicariously. Enjoy!Cheers~

  2. Have fun, Mary! I love Vancouver — such a beautiful city. I already know you're having a great time (thanks to Instagram). Enjoy every moment. XO

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