Drive by Monday.

Since my lists are multiplying, I think it’s a perfect Monday to borrow Kat’s wonderful meme.

My mom arrived Thursday and the whole crew met Saturday morning to tour her “new place”. The development has a long way to go (they’re now hoping to be moving in residents in October), but her cottage is getting close. The walls are up, the granite’s in, the tile is laid. We were able to take lots of photos and measurements and ask questions. We’re all getting excited for her move!

the front door to Mother’s cottage – my sister, nephew, brother and brother-in-law in the back and me, Mother and my sister-in-law in the front

Yesterday afternoon I finished that last layer and blocked it. I think I’m set … at least in the hand knit department. Seems like the only to-do I don’t still have on my list is “finish up Alaska knitting”.

Hope your week is off to a good start – happy Monday!

8 thoughts on “Drive by Monday.

  1. Four lists and a planner is a lot, but I guess I don't need to tell you that! Your mother's place looks great; calling it a cottage sounds like a place I'd like to live. Here's hoping that all the important things get crossed off, you relax, enjoy safe travels, and have a marvelous trip!

  2. Those lists before a trip are just . . . overwhelming sometimes! Which makes the kicking-back part of a vacation all the more sweet. Your mom's new place looks just charming. It will be nice for all of you to have her a bit closer. XO

  3. A list for everything and everything on a list. Looks like you'll be well prepared for your trip! Love you mom's new home. I'm sure she's very anxious to be in her own place.

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