Unraveled Wednesday | For Real (again).

Joining in with Kat and friends today to share a good unraveling story:




I am so happy I decided to frog the sock and knit this little set instead! I bought the yarn from my Madison LYS way back in February 2015, fully intending to knit socks, but I just couldn’t get enthused about the project. When the shop published this pattern for a slouchy hat and fingerless mitts, I knew I needed them for Alaska (how perfect is that pattern photo with the camera?!)

Last week I finally pulled the sock out of its months-long hibernation, took a photo and unraveled it. After a good soak, all the kinks disappeared. It’s knitting up beautifully. I finished the hat last night and started the first mitt this morning.

This is the last bit of knitting I want to finish before my trip. I think I’m in good shape!

I finished my Bingo reading yesterday and find myself not quite sure what to read next. Perfect timing to catch up on that last season of Sherlock that I somehow missed.

Looking forward to seeing what y’all are knitting and reading this week!

12 thoughts on “Unraveled Wednesday | For Real (again).

  1. I love the colors in that stripe sequence and this looks like an unraveling for the better! Do you know what your weather will be like? I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your trip knitting modeled in Alaska!

  2. Perfect items for your trip! Love the colors. Next year I'm going to do a better job choosing a Bingo card – lol. I finished two books over the weekend, but no bingo for me.

  3. I love those colors together!! Perfectly bright & muted at the same time. That's going to be a great set. Alas, like Vera, this was not the summer of Bingo for me either. 😉

  4. The yarn is beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished pieces. I tried hats last year but I'm afraid they defeated me. Thinking about giving one another try. : )

  5. I somehow missed the last season of Sherlock as well. Love these colors between my hair and your hat I don't think we'll lose each other! I'm hoping my fingerless mitts will be finished at least by the time we land in Seattle-they'll go great with a hat that thankfully I already have-hard to believe we leave on THIS Tuesday!

  6. The yarn works beautifully for the hat and mitt which will be perfect companions for your trip to Alaska! You must be SO excited!

  7. That yarn will be awesome as a hat and mitts! And perfect for Alaska, too. I'm still listening to Anna Karenina. It's the last square I need for my coverall and I still hope I'll finish by Labor Day.

  8. I've had one sock waiting for me to knit up a partner for nearly 2 years and you have inspired me to just go for it, rip it out and use the yarn for something I actually want to knit! Your yarn will be perfect for the hat & mitts…great colors too! I bet you are getting excited about Alaska! I will finish up my last bingo book later today and my next book, Beartown, came into the library just in time.

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