Sleeping Over.

We had a very special sleepover guest at our house this weekend – Charlie! It was his first visit since he and his family moved (back in April – yes, it’s been four months already!) I met up with the whole family at the pool Saturday morning. We played and had lunch 

and then he came home with me. After a good nap (swimming is great for that), we walked over to the golf course. Marc had been looking forward to this outing for weeks. He and Charlie both had a great time! (I was just along to take photos.)
Back home, it was time to make supper. Pizza, of course!

A little more play time before bath. Charlie loved his “ho-hawk” hairdo.

Then stories.

and a good night’s sleep for all.

Sunday morning, Marc showed Charlie how to make grits and eggs with cheese and sausage. Both boys enjoyed that breakfast.

…and all too soon it was time to take him home.
Not gonna lie – Marc and I both looked like that last photo of Charlie by 6 o’clock Sunday … it was an early night for us  ðŸ’¤. But Marmie and Poppa sure had fun.
And hey – it’s not very often I have enough material (or photos!) to get two blog posts out of a weekend! Regular programming (in other words knitting and reading) resumes tomorrow.

16 thoughts on “Sleeping Over.

  1. What fun! And those photos of Marc and Charlie at the golf course are simply priceless. So. Freakin.' Adorable. XO

  2. Charlie is such a cutie! And I'm sure he had a LOT to tell everyone once he got home about all of the things he did while with you.

  3. I have many wonderful memories of sleepovers at my grandmother's house and it's great that you, Marc, and Charlie are creating terrific memories in your family. Golf and grits!

  4. Oh!! I love this post!! What fun!! I especially love that photo of Marc reading to Charlie in bed! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing!!

  5. What a wonderful weekend Mary! So many good things! Love the grits, the reading in bed, the golf – everything. Awesome!!

  6. Fabulous photos of great times! I can relate to the joy of having a grandson sleepover and to being sooo tired afterwards–wouldn't trade it for anything!Melody

  7. What a blessing!! I love that you documented the sleepover to share with us while playing with him. I can only imagine how fatigued you were!!!

  8. It's so nice y'all live close enough to be able to do things like this on a regular basis. Love seeing a different set of weekend activities!

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